For the Boys


Robert and his bag, after swimming at camp in the hot sun

Robert and his bag, after swimming at camp in the hot sun


This little project made me very happy.  It’s always so hard to find sewing projects that boys will like but this one was a hit.

Robert, 6, has a passion for sports.  He has played flag football for several seasons and just finished a week at basketball camp.  Knowing that every day he had to tote his lunch, bathing suit,  towel, etc. I decided to find an athletic bag that could be easily embroidered.




This little gem was only $8 at Walmart.  It was their smallest bag, just the right size for a little fella like Robert.  The zippered top opened up easily and lay flat to be basted to stabilizer in the 5 x 7 hoop.   But it had to be held in place very carefully as it was stitched.  It wasn’t all that easy to juggle this, but it was do-able and finished in a short time.

The design began with Bernina’s All Star Kids and then other design elements were added and rearranged.  As usual, it took much longer to get the design tweaked and ready to stitch than it took to do the embroidery.

Robert was so pleased with it.  That made me happy.

What items have you stitched that made your little guy smile?

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