For the Boys


Robert and his bag, after swimming at camp in the hot sun

Robert and his bag, after swimming at camp in the hot sun


This little project made me very happy.  It’s always so hard to find sewing projects that boys will like but this one was a hit.

Robert, 6, has a passion for sports.  He has played flag football for several seasons and just finished a week at basketball camp.  Knowing that every day he had to tote his lunch, bathing suit,  towel, etc. I decided to find an athletic bag that could be easily embroidered.




This little gem was only $8 at Walmart.  It was their smallest bag, just the right size for a little fella like Robert.  The zippered top opened up easily and lay flat to be basted to stabilizer in the 5 x 7 hoop.   But it had to be held in place very carefully as it was stitched.  It wasn’t all that easy to juggle this, but it was do-able and finished in a short time.

The design began with Bernina’s All Star Kids and then other design elements were added and rearranged.  As usual, it took much longer to get the design tweaked and ready to stitch than it took to do the embroidery.

Robert was so pleased with it.  That made me happy.

What items have you stitched that made your little guy smile?

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  1. What a handsome boy! The bag is perfect for his sport camps and his size. You are a wonderful grandmother and he must adore you!

  2. Cute boy, cute bag. The time factor is the hardest thing for others to understand about machine embroidery. Time decided on which design, changes in size or colors, and the the actual position, then moving the design from the computer program to the computer. And you still aren’t ready to stitch yet. Unless it a previously done design, I figure at least an hour of prep time before I begin the stitching. Most all is quite enjoyable if all goes without a hitch or interruption.

  3. Shirley, AZ

    I agree with the comments made about the time that goes into these projects but in my case I have to add that my sewing room always looks like a twister went through by the time I’m finished . It always feels so good to get it all straightened around and everything settled down again and then the process gets repeated all over again with the next idea or project! Isn’t sewing fun????

  4. Thanks, Karen. Robert and I have a mutual admiration society–I do adore him. He really is a pretty boy, but in this photo he was red and flushed from playing ball in the 95 degree heat.

  5. Beckie, I had never calculated the prep time for an embroidery project–I probably didn’t want to know how much sewing time is not spent sewing! But I did two designs to day and they each took almost an hour to prepare! It’s a good thing my machine does 1000 stitches a minute. At least I can sew fast.

  6. Shirley, I know just what you mean! Mine is a wreck right now and I’m going back in to make more mess! And yes, even with the mess, sewing is FUN!

  7. Robert is such a cutie with all that blonde hair! Love the bag. I have embroidered on similar bags that hold fishing tackle boxes for my big and little guys…different fish require different tackle!

    I am proud to be in the company of other great sewers who need a lifeline to enter their sewing rooms….I thought I was alone! haha If I really clean it up, I cannot find anything!

  8. what a beautiful color that is! And the fabirc looks substantial, too. Love it. Love it. Love it. Leave it long…it’s so much more elegant. Any shorter would cheapen it. Glad you’re enjoying your sewing. I put my machine away for many, many years and am just now creating away again….AND…my husband just bought me a new machine I’m addicted to.Keep creating away!xoxNancy

  9. Welcome back to the sewing world! I am so happy for you to have a new machine and newfound interest in sewing. I’d love to hear about what you are making.

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