Free Precious Preemie Patterns

as shown in Sew Beautiful issue #118


NOTE:  The link for the free pattern from Southern Stitches has been updated.  If you were unsuccessful before, try again.  It works now.

I was just delighted to find free patterns for preemies from Laurie Anderson of   Southern Stitches.  The patterns are included in issue #118 of Sew Beautiful magazine but are also available here at Laurie’s Southern Stitches web site.


More preemie garments from Laurie Anderson’s free patterns, as shown in Sew Beautiful issue #118.

At that web site you will find her lovely machine embroidered shadow work designs and lots of other goodies.  By clicking on Sew Beautiful Published Freebies you will find the free downloads of the preemie patterns, as well as free hand embroidery bullion knot designs for bunnies.  Laurie even offers free machine embroidery designs.

Every issue of Sew Beautiful  and Creative Needle  magazines is carefully filed away in my sewing room.  As each arrived, I read through it thoroughly, but rarely can recall articles that did not have immediate usefulness.

So when I wanted to sew for sweet preemie Lily, I had completely forgotten about this article.  Now, I have downloaded the free patterns and have them available when  the need arises again.

Laurie is involved in the caring ministry of Threads of Love.  Each day dozens of babies are born too  tiny to live or premature and at great risk. Their families are rarely prepared with the wee clothes need for these babies who are born too soon.  Threads of Love works to fill that need by donating preemie clothing and burial gowns to hospitals.  If you would like to participate in that program, click on the link above to contact them.  Meanwhile, you might want to download these patterns so they will be handy if the need arises within your own circle of family and friends.

Thanks, Laurie, for your generous gift of these patterns.

29 responses to “Free Precious Preemie Patterns

  1. Thanks for the reminder. I should download that this afternoon. I don’t have many current Sew Beautiful Mags, but I will check there, too.

  2. SAGA has a similar program called Wee Care. You can download free patterns for Wee Care gowns here:

  3. I stumbled upon your site searching for machine embroidery shadow work patterns. How do you get the free patterns shown on your site?


  4. Ruby, just leave your request as a comment for whatever post has the design you would like. I’ll e-mail it to you. I am happy you stumbled upon my blog. I hope you will stop by regularly. Have you found the machine shadow embroidery patterns at Southern Stitches? Machine shadow work is fabulous.

  5. i would love to get this pattern! thanks

  6. Tiffany, the patterns are available here—< <Southern Stitches blog.>>>

  7. What a lovely article – I missed this when you originally posted it and just came across it via pinterest!

    Laurie Anderson
    Southern Stitches

  8. I’m looking for free sewing patterns for preemies or for fetal demise garments. Thank you.

  9. Andee, the link to the free patterns from Laurie Anderson at Southern Stitches is in the blog post. Just click on it and you will be there.

  10. Looking urgently for free prem clothing patterns please

  11. Bernette, these are the only ones I know of. Good luck in your search.

  12. I would like some preemie boy patterns also pajamas or gownsgowns

  13. Wilma, I have no patterns to offer you. This post sends you to one site with free designs, but I have none.

  14. Patricia Bell

    I found a doll pattern with a gown. I took the pieces I needed to the library, and made a reduced copy of the pieces so I will have a good preemie pattern. It was an idea for what I was looking for, but these patterns are great! Thank you for them. I also make preemie blankets, and I’ve given them to the local NICU unit.

  15. Patricia, that is a clever way to get a smaller sized pattern. What a worthy, satisfying volunteer effort you have undertaken. Thanks for all you do.

  16. alice bertaina

    I would love to have the MCS feather stitch! Your site is a marvel, so many beautiful things to swoon over and dream about making, and hope I live long enough to make at least a few.

  17. Would appreciate any premier patterns. So happy to find a need for sewing thank you.

  18. Sharon, you will find other free patterns at the Smocking Arts Guild of America web site. Check them out here . The Wee Care program also offers free patterns. Sewing for these precious, tiny babies will be a gift of love.

  19. Myriam Sepúlveda

    Hello Mrs Ferguson: I would like to know if you went to PR to give a class at International Sewing a few years ago?

  20. Hello, Myriam. Yes, I did teach for International Sewing in San Juan two or three times. Perhaps you were one of my students. I loved every minute of my time in Puerto Rico. Not only is it beautiful but the people are very kind and charming. I have written to you privately, Myriam

  21. Delia Gonzalez

    Good morning Ms. Janice
    I will like to know if is there possible for me to have a copy of the pattern for the preemie garment. Thank you.

  22. Delia, I have written to you privately.

  23. Luz Delia Gonzalez

    Dear Ms Janice
    I will like to know if I can have a copy of the pattern. A wile ago you send me a copy but my computer crashed and I lost everything I have .
    Can you please, be kind and send me a copy.
    Thank you

  24. Luz, I’m so sorry for your computer crash. What a huge inconvenience! But the pattern is not mine to send out. Click on the link in the article and contact Laurie Anderson of Southern Stitches on her Threads of Love page to get a new copy of these precious preemies patterns. What a joy it is to sew for these tiny babies.

  25. I am interested in the preemie gowns shown above. I am unable to find the line to download the pattern. Can you please help?

  26. Judy, I don’t know why this comment just showed up but I will try to help you find it. I will e-mail the info I have. Hope it gets you the patterns.

  27. Annetjie Kruger

    Is there any problem with site? Can’t download the free patterns… please help..

  28. Annetjie Kruger

    Page no found… Please is this pattern still available?

  29. Yes, Annetjie, the site is down. So sorry.

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