Elves and Merry Christmas!

Three year olds Alastair and Aliya, share a hug. Don’t they look like elves? They are all jammied up after watching the nighttime Christmas parade. Their joy and excitement are infectious.

The world has been celebrating Christmas for nearly 2000 years now.  In the past 100 years, there have been many  changes documented in my beloved vintage Needlecraft/Home Arts magazines. Alastair and Alyia, in their knit and serged holiday pajamas are dressed very differently from this little guy in 1928.

But it this 1936 Home Arts shows that footed sleepers are not new.

This season of joy has been upon us for 4 weeks now, but the magic culminates tonight, Christmas Eve.   Cookies have been baked, shopping is completed, gifts have been wrapped and holiday parties have brought friends together.  And, of course, there has been holiday sewing.

The green corduroy jumper sports an appliqued elf from Applique Market.

Early on, I knew that with all the baby sewing I wanted to do, any Christmas outfits would have to be quick and easy.  First, I purchased some adorable tights from Sophie, with kelly, lime, pink and red polka dots.  A simple green corduroy A-line jumper wouldn’t take long.  When I saw the almost identical fabric, I snatched it up for an applique.  Wouldn’t she be cute with the tights and an elf applique with that same pattern?

I should have remembered our Sunday morning struggles with tights to match her heirloom dresses. Alas, she detests them–she can never get the toe seam lined up to suit her.  No amount of 8 year-old fashion sense can overcome this problem.  So for the homeschoolers’ caroling party to a nursing home,  she wore the jumper with white leggings and her ruby red Dorothy of Oz shoes.

After my disappointment when I saw this picture, I decided to cut off the tights’ sock and simply serge the ankle opening to make leggings.

Just yesterday, the elf, wearing polka dot leggings (no photo yet) and her sweet mother were at the homeless shelter by 6 a.m. as part of a crew to make and serve a pancake breakfast.  She confided that one little boy thought she was a real elf!  Bringing joy and helping others makes her truly happy.

Christmas elves seem to be relatively new to the holiday scene.  They appear in none of my vintage Christmas mags.  Elf on the Shelf has been a fun, new  tradition at homes across the country.

Laurel and Robert have loved his visits to our house. When they were here a few days ago, Peter Elf had gone fishing.

Laurel squealed, “He used a knitting needle for his fishing pole and a safety pin for the hook! He is such a clever elf! “  Robert the pragmatist said, “He’d catch a lot more fish with a real hook.”

In spite of the changes in celebration styles and  traditions, the true meaning of Christmas has not changed.

Around the world, Christians celebrate the birth of the Christ child.  To each of you, I wish a merry Christmas, well expressed in the old carol, A Wassail Song.

Love and joy come to you,
And to you your wassail, too,
And God bless you, and send you
A Happy New Year,
And God send you a Happy New Year.

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