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We are having so much fun with our Elf on the Shelf.  If you are unfamiliar with this new holiday phenomenon, check it out here.  The grandchildren named him Peter because he looks a lot like Peter Pan and is able to fly between our world here in Florida and the world of Santa at the North Pole.

Here’s his story in a nutshell.   Daily, the Elf on the Shelf observes the children’s behavior, both naughty and nice, and reports nightly to Santa.  When he returns from giving his evaluation, he likes to have fun in his assigned home.



He arrived at our house laslt year just after Christmas when I first heard about him.  With a charming book and a backdrop for photo ops or set ups, this elf languished in the closet under the hall stairs, in conditions much like Harry Potter endured with the Dursleys.

After Thanksgiving dinner, he was introduced to all three grandchildren as we read the beautifully illustrated book.  Alastair, 3,  seemed more interested in playing with Rastus, our yellow Lab,  than listening to the story.  But Robert, 7, and Laurel, 8, were fascinated.

When they returned to spend  the weekend with us, they immediately looked for Peter The Elf who was reading a tiny Puss in Boots book.  Not very exciting and they seemed a little disappointed.  So I had to up  the ante.

Saturday was  the hugely important Florida/Florida State football game.  All four of us watched and cheered and groaned and cheered again to the win at end.

As soon as their eyes were open, they went looking for Peter. They loved what they found.

All afternoon we helped decorate the sanctuary at church.  As we left for home, they began speculating about what Peter would be doing when they find him this morning.

elf shelf coke horiz 2

This set up is not nearly so exciting, but Laurel has her piano lesson today, so it seemed appropriate.

Believe it or not, there was so sewing involved.  All the elves arrive with their hands stitched together, which worked well as he read in his book nook. For these other scenes, the few stitches were snipped to free his hands.  But there is no wire or stiffening component to his tiny body, so I had to hand stitch his arms and legs into a suitable position.

This is so much fun!  Most people begin Dec. 1, but we only have any or all of the grandchildren 1-2 nights a week.  So we’re on a roll now!

Have you already started Elf on the Shelf at your home?  If not, there is still plenty of time to start this magical tradition.  I’d love to hear about any elf activities at your house.

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