Bassinette Skirt Finished!

Hurrah!  The bassinette skirt is finished.  I’d make a lot of changes if I were to do it again without feeling rushed.  But it’s acceptable.

I  really dislike being interrupted in the midst of a big project, but that is what happened with this bassinette skirt.  After time passed and other projects rose to the top of the list, getting back to the UFO skirt was more like a chore.

Rebecca was so pleased with the first skirt that she took it home so at least the presenting side of the bassinette was covered.  Nesting, you know. But in the interim, I forgot—and neglected to check the photos in the earlier post–that all the sheep appliques on that skirt were satin stitched with white, pink or ivory.

With the Time Out Bad Boy sheep below setting the mood for skirt 2

and the curious, mischievous bee challenger,

this bassinette skirt will show the dark side of mutton flock behavior.

Of course, on the other side of the pleat, it’s all sweetness and light, in spite of the black outline.

On the first skirt, I laid out all the templates, balanced the components and was pleased with the results.  Even with its shortcomings, this project offers plenty of story fodder for Alastair while Baby Sister is being nursed. Many textures have been used for the fleeces.  He will like that.

I’m sorry I hurried the design process, but I wanted to move on to another daygown.  Which is what I am going to do next.  YEAH!!!!!!




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