Sweet Bunny Knit Nightie


Vivian Rose 6 days old

Vivian Rose 6 days old


This hand-me-down sleeper/nightie was made for Alastair almost 4 years ago.  Because of the soft Sea Island cotton knit fabric, the comfortable fit and ease when dressing or diapering Baby it is a favorite outfit. The nightie still looks like new on Vivian Rose, even after heavy laundering in Alastair’s infant era.




Pattern cover for Bunny Knit Nightie and Accessories by Children’s Corner


The pattern is Bunny’s Knit Nightie and Accessories by Children’s Corner.  It comes with an applique’ bunny pattern for each of the several layette pieces.  But I felt the bugs and frogs in the fabric pattern could suffice as decoration.


sleeper N cap


These make up so quickly that I should make another one or two.  But I wouldn’t use the Sea Island knit again unless I found some at a huge clearance sale.  My daughter has always called me a textile snob.  That being said, I find little enough difference between this pricey fabric and a good quality Carter’s knit to justify the price.

It seems that lately I’m on a run of pattern reviews.  I do like this pattern, though I made none of the accessories but only the nightie with its sweet little mitten cuffs and drawstring hemline.  The first was made of French terry for Laurel, 9 years ago and then this one 5 years later.

Though the pattern directions are for sewing, I serged the entire garment with wooly nylon in the loopers.  It was a breeze to construct.


V sleeper cheer


In these photos, Vivian Rose was on the back porch, soaking up some sunlight to combat her jaundice.  Please excuse the wrinkled blankets.  Here at my daughter’s home, the ironing board has to be set up and then put away every use, which apparently is infrequent unless Nana is in house.   I was too busy to keep up with each blanket which would have looked better after meeting up with the ancient  General Mills Tru-Heat iron.

Vivian Rose is such an easy baby.  She just eats, kicks and wiggles for a few minutes then goes right back to sleep.  This is how our 10 minutes of sunshine ended.


bunny V sleeps
I adore this sweet baby girl!

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