American Girl Doll~~Free Cash and Hobo Bag Pattern!


Check this out--free printable doll-sized cash! From Doll Clothes Patterns.

Check this out–free printable doll-sized cash! From Doll Clothes Patterns.


This great site offers a free, downloadable hobo bag pattern.  Within a few days of registering (free) and downloading the pattern, you will be sent a link to printable—on both sides!–doll sized dollar bills!  The page includes denominations from $100 to $1.  It prints perfectly on both sides!

I’ve printed the cash but haven’t yet made the bag.  I can’t wait to sew it up and load it with cash.  My granddaughter Laurel will love it.

One reader on the  above mentioned site commented that she has printed out several sheets and is putting it in her doll’s college fund!  How fun is this doll business?

Here is another fabulous doll resource, Jim’s Printable Minis.    He offers greeting cards, calendars, passports, newspapers and more things you could ever imagine.  All for free!  If you know anyone into dolls or doll houses,  this is a must click link.

Why do I have to cook and do laundry when there are all these fun thing to do?  Whine, whine, whine…..



6 responses to “American Girl Doll~~Free Cash and Hobo Bag Pattern!

  1. That is hilarious on the cooking & laundry. I’m sure we all feel that way now and then. I’m picturing you dreaming about the next project while stirring the white sauce! 😉 lol

  2. McDonald’s, KFC, pizza delivery and the local laundry/dry cleaners!!!

  3. I have printed out the pattern awhile ago and the sample in the pictures used all black fabric. This makes it very difficult to understand how to assemble the bag. Is there another instructional pictures using lighter color fabric? Linda W

  4. Linda, I don’t know of any other pictures for this pattern. I suggest you write to the designer to inquire. Good luck. Making doll clothes and accessories is so much fun.

  5. Jeanie Dubberley

    When I click on the “site” link I go to a page with a warning – do you remember the name of the website? I thought I had the pattern downloaded but I can’t locate it now. I’d appreciate any information you have. Thank you!

  6. Jeanie, I found the free cash and hobo bag pattern while bumping around this site You can download all the original AG doll pattern packages and more. But I don’t recall just how I came across the cash and hobo bag. Just have fun looking around.

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