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baby bishop bubble all

Psst!!! Ready-to-smock Smockables, have I told you lately that I love you?  As Elvis sang, could I tell you once again somehow?  Well, I am going to.

Two weeks ago (yes, 10 days before finish-the-Easter-clothes rush) I was asked by an extremely devoted member of our church to smock something for a fundraiser April 5.  Yikes!

Maria is at the church every day, working on one thing or another.  I Just couldn’t tell her no and I knew couldn’t possibly start until after Easter.  Smockables to the rescue!  I finished in just 3 days of “free” time (humphh!) between laundry, cooking, etc.

Having a few of these beauties in my stash makes me feel like SuperSmocker.  I may not wear a cape, but with these little treasures handy, I feel like I can do almost anything!

baby bishop bubble smocking

The smocking on this 3 month size began with one of my go-to plates, Mollie Jane Taylor’s Buds and Berries.  The plate has too many rows for the little bubble, so only the vine, buds and berries were used.  The rest of the design was just made up.

baby bishop bubble sleeve

The shirttail hem on the sleeves was cut away before a little Swiss trim was joined to the sleeves.  12 strands of lime green floss were woven through the large entredeux holes.

Though I wish I had used bright pink floss for the cable row at the neck binding, generally I am pleased with my contribution to the fund raiser auction.  I am even more pleased to be finished with it so I can move on to more baby things for Vivian Rose.  Now, if it will just bring in more than the cost of the materials, I will be completely satisfied.

P.S.  SOLD I have this exact plain Smockable for sale in 3 month and 18 month sizes for $28.  If you’d like one, e-mail me at or leave a comment indicating your interest.

5 responses to “Baby Bishop Bubble

  1. What a little beauty! I love this sweet little bubble! The smocking design is so sweet and dainty and changing the sleeve edging to this edging is perfect. Love the floss woven through the edging, too. I made Victoria-Rose two smocked bubbles when she was about 18 months old. I adored how they looked on her sweet chubby legs.

  2. Thanks, Lisa. I, too, love bubbles and so do Vivian Rose’s parents. I’m working on a white ready-to-smock yoked bubble with an insert for her now and have added ruffles to the tushie. Making baby clothes for a real baby is such fun!

  3. Do u have the pink bubble available still

    Where can I purchase ready to smock smockables
    This is Carolyn Brunnett I have ordered from you previously

  4. Do u have the pink bubble available still?

    Where can I purchase ready to smock smockables
    This is Carolyn Brunnett I have ordered from you previously

  5. Carolyn, I’m sorry but that bubble sold at the church fundraiser. In my humble opinion, your best bet for ready-to-smock garments is Martha Pullen. She has these in a few other colors. Check it out. I hope you find just what you want.

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