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Vivian Rose, 3 months in her Farmhouse Fabrics bubble.

Vivian Rose, 3 months in her Farmhouse Fabrics bubble.

Farmhouse Fabrics Bubble Sample

This adorable bubble was a sample at Farmhouse Fabrics.  Did you know they are made available for sale periodically, for very reasonable prices?  As luck would have it, this little beauty was a 9 month size, nearly a perfect fit for”chubbalicious” 16 pound Vivian Rose.  She is one well-nourished nursing baby!  I was lucky to snatch up this bubble shortly after it was posted for sale.

The body fabric of the bubble is cotton sateen trimmed with what feels like pima cotton.  It is very well-made and nicely understated.  Vivian Rose’s mother thinks  this will be Baby’s 4th of July outfit, along with a big red headband.  She might even have a little more hair by then!

Sew Beautiful


The current issue of Sew Beautiful includes a blurb about  this blog, Janice Ferguson Sews.

My Sew Beautiful magazine has not yet arrived, but others who have theirs in hand have let me know that  Janice Ferguson Sews  has been included in a blog list!  The picture, however, is of a dress I have never seen.  Oh well, it’s a pretty dress.  I welcome all you new readers visiting my blog and hope you will stop by often.

Ring the Bell

Most of the scenes in this fabulous Christian movie were filmed my hometown, DeLand, Florida.  The site of the boys’ ranch featured in the film is the home of members of our church family.  Mike, the well-educated, professional homeowner, has a bit part as Phil, a down-home, country mechanic.   Even Stetson University, where I did my graduate studies, was included along with street scenes of our charming downtown.  I highly recommend this movie.   We plan to show it at one of our next church potluck suppers.

Kitten Tending

A orange kitten 1

Alastair, wearing his big brother shirt and a superhero bandaid, is holding a kitten who always cries when held. Alastair named this one Alex after a little girl at his school who cries a lot.

A few months ago, I was able to tame two young sibling orange feral cats.  It didn’t take long to recognized that the female, named Alina by grandson Robert, was in a family way.  It was apparent from her size as well as her appetite.


Our old two-room chicken house is covered even now with wisteria.

She set up housekeeping in a fixer-upper in a good location –our old chicken house where she set up housekeeping.   There she gave birth to four kittens and is raising the  4 week old balls of fluff and charm, two orange males and two female gray tabbies.


kitten basket

Today they visited our veterinarian to be wormed.  They didn’t like it much and their mother was pretty upset by the separation.  But soon they were reunited with their attentive mama and safely tucked into the large animal crate that is both roomy and cozy.

Well, this is all the news for now.  I am working on a few things that I look forward to finishing and sharing with you.  But next up will be Judy Day’s Easter outfits for her granddaughters and their AG dolls.  You don’t want to miss that.

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