What a joyful day this was!  Our two older grandchildren, seven year old Robert and eight year old Laurel, were baptized.


bapt pic 2C


Cousin Alastair, 4, loves a photo opportunity so he stepped up to be included.


RLA short


Laurel’s Swiss batiste dress was The Lace Dress  from GingerSnaps.   You can see that the dress looks much prettier on a child than on this adult size hanger.  The way the under collar drapes over the shoulder is so becoming to a little girl.




The machine embroidered blue bow and gold  trinity symbol embellish the Swiss organdy collar.  Lavish amounts pinstitching and ivory English lace trim the dress.   I guess that’s why it’s called The Lace Dress.  I really love this pattern and all the GingerSnaps designs.




As Laurel was dressing for church, we discovered that the new white tights purchased for the occasion turned out to be leggings!  So she wore lace trimmed anklets which, I think, was a little bit of lace overdose.  But still she was precious.

Robert could not wait to wear his purchased white suit.  When he first tried it on, he stood on the stairs to see himself in the hall mirror.   Turning side to side he grinned.  “I look gooooood,” he crooned to no one but himself.  He’s quite the little clothes horse.


Our son and his beautiful family.

Our son and his beautiful family.


But clothes were not the focus of the day.  Before Christmas, the children witnessed an adult baptism.  On  the way home from church, Laurel declared that she wanted to be baptized.  We discussed the implications, ramifications and meaning of the ceremony and she was quietly certain and confidant that this is what she wanted.

Robert listed quietly, then asked,  “Can you declare Jesus as your Lord and Savior without all the water?”  He decided to pass.

A few weeks later, he said that he, too, would like to be baptized.  In order for the pastor  to determine whether or not they were mature enough for this sacrament, they were required to answer questions from the Presbyterian Book of Order.  Their answers were mature and well thought out.

We are so proud of Robert and Laurel and filled with gratitude for the prayers and support of our friends and church family.  It was a joyous day, indeed!



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