Busy-ness and Sewing

That’s what I’ve been up to, mostly being busy and doing some sewing. But there hasn’t been a minute to photograph or record my life in “the fast lane.”  Ha!  I guess I’m like (or I actually am!) the little old lady who drives down the interstate in the left lane going 10 mph below the speed limit.  But she is in the fast lane and it feels like that’s where I am, cruising but not moving as fast as I should be in this lane.

pini4 parts vertCR

I’ve spent a precious little time in the sewing room. Another of those Pini-4’s, like the one made earlier for 6 month old Vivian Rose, is in the works.  Oh, and I’ve bought yards and yards of fabric, totally blowing my fabric starvation diet. Drat those irresistable sales at Martha Pullen and Farmhouse Fabrics!  But the yardage is lovely and will be so much fun to sew up.

I’m looking forward to finishing the outfit above for Vivian Rose.  The yoke and bloomers will be lavender microcheck and the bloomer ruffles will be cut from the print fashion fabric with Swiss dots.  Instead of piping, I plan to use the wide beading across the yokes and edge the perimeter with the Swiss trim shown.

An 18″ length of the perfect color grosgrain ribbon was in my stash, but that is not nearly enough.  The ribbon shown was purchased because it fit the beading and is purple, though it looks more blue in the photo.  But I’m not happy with it.  I hope to find a better match before it’s time for construction.

In an earlier post (or was it in response to a post comment?) it was mentioned that Lisa at Mommy’s Apron Strings is working on a very similar pattern with some improvements.  She expects to release it soon, so any fans of this look might want to keep an eye on her blog.  Click here to see her darling prototypes.

We’ve had lots of delightful time with grandchildren and Football Frenzy, 7 year old Robert’s book, is going to press this weekend.  He has worked hard  researching interesting facts, statistics and quotes and has written and typed it all himself.  As his editor, my involvement has been primarily to lay it out for printing. Robert very excited about it, though so far, Amazon has expressed no interest in carrying it.  But family and friends are feagerly reserving their $7 copies. Here are a few excerpts.

“Hello, I am Robert and I am 7 years old.  I love football. I have been watching it for my entire life.  I started playing when I was five. I just finished my eighth season.  Where I live, there are three flag football seasons in a year, fall, winter and spring.


“Here I am at my grandparents’ house playing pickup football with my cousin Alastair, 2, my dad and Granddad. I was only five, but I was teaching Alastair how to throw a football.

When I was six, I played center on my flag football team, the Cowboys.    Anyway, let’s start with why I like football.    I like it because it’s fun and entertaining, but why?

Take soccer.  Soccer is, to me, just people running around and passing.  I like football because it has a lot of action.  I like a high-scoring game.  Who doesn’t?  Football can be in any weather, or any score. I am always cheering for a team in any game. That’s just how I am.”

He has made comments about some of the hilarious football quotes he unearthed, like this one:

“Former New Orleans Saints running back George Rogers said, ‘I want to rush for 1,000 or 1,500 yards, whichever comes first.”   Robert commented:  “Oh, seriously?  I learned to count just four years ago and even I know that 1,000 comes first.”

I’m off to finish up the smocking on the pini-4.  I can’t wait  for Lisa’s pattern. What are you all up to?

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