The stockings were hung…

VR stocking all

by the chimney with care,”  by each of my grandchildren and a few others.  My well-organized, got-it-together daughter and daughter-in-law saw to it.  Both young ladies put the finishing touches on their Christmas trees and decorations the day after Thanksgiving.

Me?   I’ve been busy making stockings and have finally finished.  I’m thinking maybe sometime soon I’ll get around to  packing up the cornucopia on the dining room table and all the fall wreaths at the doors.  Then I’ll decorate.

A few months after Vivian Rose was born, my Rebecca gave a heads up that she decorates the day after Thanksgiving.  Of course, Vivian Rose would need a stocking this year.  Of course, I put that on my to-do list sometime in March, in the midst of Easter sewing.

Tick tock tick tock…..but I lacked inspiration.  Finally, Rebecca suggested a gingerbread theme.  Then I was off and running.


VR stocking cuff


The body is just an inexpensive cotton with the toe, heel, cuff, and piping made from red featherwale corduroy.    The jumbo chenille rick rack that had been launguishing in my stash for several years nicely mimicked the buttercream frosting we use on gingerbread cookies.


VR stocking emb


I like little details, so the gingerbread house has their house address embroidered on a tiny rectangle of brown ultrasuede.  Ginger colored ultrasuede was the foundation for the gingerbread girl and  the house. Tiny seed beads were hand sewn to the green featherwale cord tree, a 3-dimensional bow was stiched over the bow in the design and buttons were added.  The peppermint pattie stepping stones were easy to resize and then place with the camera function on my Brother Quattro.


VR message


Finally, a personal message, embroidered on the inside of the cuff, is visible only when the cuff is extended.  And there were more stockings….but I’ll write about them later.  I have to go box up that cornucopia.

24 responses to “The stockings were hung…

  1. That looks very nice Janice………….she will love it forever!
    gr marjolein

  2. Beautiful!!! She will treasure it always

  3. I’m simply speechless! Too exquisite for words!

  4. from Martha Pullen forum: Sweeter than sweet! The details are fabulous, but the inscription is genius in
    its sentiment and placement. Vivian Rose is a very blessed little one.

  5. from Martha Pullen forum: What a great stocking. That rick rack looks god enough to eat.
    Very creative!

  6. from SewForum: Ohhh, such a precious stocking and the inscription is wonderful. I hope you post the others as time permits. I like that you composed the scene and it is so interesting-instead of just sticking a design on the front.

  7. from SewForum: Wow! Fantastic! I love the rose used in place of the “a” in Vivian Rose’s name ; very clever.

  8. from SewForum: Something I think will be treasured always. sometimes the little things we grandma’s do go a lot further than we ever thought they would as I watch my grands hang up their candy ribbons inspired from their mother’s made by my mother each and every year.

  9. Love, love love! Where did you find the gingerbread house? I love how the rick-racks play off each other. I know that your daughter appreciates your hard work and talent and your grandchildren will too.

  10. I didn’t even know such a thing as chenille ric rac existed!! It’s wonderful in every way! Love the message inside the cuff! It is so abundantly clear that her Nana DOES INDEED adore her!!

  11. from SewForum: I love your stocking!! I’m sure it will be something she will treasure for a life time!! Great job!!

  12. Thanks, Beckie. As always, my appreciative daughter loved it. The house design is from Applique Corner, but I modified it considerably. I liked it because it left room for the details I wanted to include. gingerbread house from Applique Corner I mirror imaged it, added sprigs of green to the at the front, replaced the heart above the door with a sprig of holly and added (with BuzzEdit 3) a bean stitch on top of the satin stitch outlines.

  13. Jo, I think chenille rick rack is now passe’, but I’m not one to worry about a notion’s ranking on the fashion popularity scale. Years ago, I bought 4 gallon size bags of this in 5 colors (5 yds. each color!) on clearance for $6. Also got several packages of smaller sizes in pastels at clearance at JoAnn’s about the same time. It has it’s place. Glad you like it.

  14. from Martha Pullen forum: I love Vivian’s stocking and the message for her inside is just the icing on the cake. I could never find gingerbread men colour towels etc to do anything like that but I do have a couple yards of faux suede that might work – have to
    remember this next year and I might also have red pinwale corduroy.

  15. from Martha Pullen forum:
    So lovely…brought tears to my eyes. We do love those grandchildren so much…what a lovely way to convey that.

  16. from Martha Pullen Forum: You are sew talented, Janice! Love the stocking, and yes, that rick rack does look like frosting on the gingerbread.

  17. from Martha Pullen forum: Janice, I love your very imaginative detail work; the chenille rick rack is just a perfect touch to mimic the icing and I love the rose for the A in her name. Gosh, each little part, the house number, the 3-D bow, the beads on the tree, on
    and on, what a magical stocking you have made for that sweet girl.

  18. A beautiful keepsake. I know that it will be cherished for life. The details added are perfection. Love the peppermint pathway. The hidden inscription with the matching rose in the name shows that love is in every stitch.

  19. Mama, I just light up everytime I see this gorgeous stocking. I’ve loved each one you’ve made for the family, but this one just tickles me on a whole new level. The vibrant red and the edible theme carried through each detail make me over the moon for it. (did you know all roses are edible? Not just the ones on top of birthday cakes *wink*) I’m only sorry that I get to enjoy it a few moons a year until V takes it off with her when she sets up her home. Hopefully you will have time for a consolation prize in 2014 – an embroidered name on top of her backup store-bought stocking.

    On a side note, V has been enjoying the stockings very much already. She’s got a little squirrel in her; one of the first things she wanted to do when she saw them was to be lifted up so she could put some Mardi Gras beads inside. Which stocking did she pick? Hers, of course.

    Thanks again. It’s just a lovely, lovely work of art.

  20. Rebecca, I’m so glad it pleases you, especially since you know I’m not completely satisfied. I have many regrets and there are changes I would make if I had it to do over. I still laugh thinking about your need for a “back up” stocking, for use when you might celebrate Christmas at the cabin or somewhere other than home. I really don’t think there would be any risk in using this one. I’m glad to know that all roses are edible. We’ll have to put some petals in her birthday cake.

  21. from Martha Pullen forum: DOUBLE WOW – WOW! That’s all I can think to say! It is fabulous! What a treasured heirloom this will be!

  22. from MP forum: What a treasure you have created, Janice. Everything about it is so very special–all the little details will mean so much more in years to come. I love it!!!

  23. from MP Forum: Oh it’s adorable! If only I could do a girl’s stocking, but I only had boys to
    make them for this year. I’m hungry for girly embellishment.

  24. Dorothy Jernigan

    What a gorgeous stocking! I know she will treasure it forever, and think of her Nana every year when she hangs it up!

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