Precious Boy Child Blanket

cotton flannel blanket with machine embroidery

cotton flannel blanket with machine embroidery

This blanket was made for the newest, cutest addition to our church family.  Much as I have always wanted to make a Precious Child of God pillow or blanket, I couldn’t resist emphasizing that this baby is a boy child.  Born to a family with adorable two daughters, I would guess that they are extremely  pleased to welcome a baby made of  “snips and snails and puppy dog tails.”

The blanket is a lovely, soft, 36″ x 50″ plush 100% cotton flannel, one of several I bought on clearance a long time ago (does that surprise any of you?).   The border hemline is embellished with the zig zag feather stitch I created in the My Custom Stitch feature on my Brother embroidery machine.   For those of you who have this capability, I would be happy to send the stitch.  But it can not be opened or read by anything but a Brother machine with this feature.

The fun of this blanket was in making it more “boy.”  I will admit it took a lot of time to find tiny designs that could be read in context as letters but I was pleased with the results.

With my Brother software, PE-Design, I wrote the text and arranged the top line in an arc above the cross.  Then I carefully substituted the giraffe, bumblebee  and other mini designs for the letters.

I was so happy to have the opportunity to make this.  When I began my 3 year term as a deacon at our church eleven months ago, I was directed to look over the list of congregational concern committees  and choose one as my primary responsibility. Let’s see now….soup kitchen, bereavement receptions, greeting cards, new  babies….NEW BABIES???  Sign me up!   That’s right down my alley, I thought.

But after 11 long months and 35 church member funerals,  there were no little ones, until now.   I had an assignment!   Hurrah!  Our congregations needs more babies.  I have more blankets.

With all the Christmas sewing, it came at an inconvenient time.  The plus side was it gave me time to think about the “reason for the season” and think about another baby boy.

You might enjoy  this video, especially if you have a piano player or student in your home.




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