Christmas Dress Embossed

Laurel, fighting off the passion vine

Laurel, fighting off the passion vine which is tumbling down the arbor


Hurrah!  The problems with my server seem to be resolved so Janice Ferguson Sews is back!  After all this time, I hope there are still a few readers left.  There are so many things lined up that I want to share with you.  This is the first.

Granddaughter Laurel’s dress was meant to be just a church frock.  But when time got away from me, it was upgraded to her Christmas dress.  Nonetheless, she wore it to church the first Sunday of Dec. because I had nothing else made up for her.

These pitiful pictures were taken in a rush after church and before Laurel had to hurry off to another event.  And if you think this photo is bad, wait until you see the others!  But they do show you the details of the dress.  I should have taken a minute or two to press her dress and sweep the walk.


L gate top

bodice embossed with Embossed Frame Monogram Alphabet from Designs by JuJu

The bodice is burgundy cotton velveteen, the skirt a heavy poly silk.  The sleeves and neckline are bound with poly silk bias.  Since I first saw the embossed designs, I’ve been wanting to stitch one.  When planning this dress,  I realized the velveteen was a perfect fabric for this  technique.

The embroidery design is Embossed Frame Monogram Alphabet from Designs by JuJu.  By simply placing a sheet of water soluble stabilizer over the velveteen, the design manages to compress the area around the letter, much like stippling does in quilting.  The “L” is simply the base fabric velveteen bursting out above the dense cross hatch stitching around it.




The pattern is Martha Pullen’s Pascale, size 8. Having never used this pattern, I was torn between making the size 8 and the 10.  Laurel is 9 1/2 years old and a little small for her age, but I surely didn’t want it to be too small—or  too large.  So I cut a quick muslin bodice and found that the 8 fit her generously.  I love this pattern and so does she so there will be more, especially now that the fit/sizing is  no mystery.


L back


I regret making the sash narrower than the pattern indicated.   And I wish I had made the ribbon carriers burgundy instead of the soft gold.  Oh well.

The hairbow is not really a bow at all but rather two yo-yo’s with an antique pearl button in the center.  Korker ribbons and a few lengths of 1/8″ knotted were attached.

So  this is what my precious Laurel will be wearing Christmas Eve when she and her brother sing with the children’s choir.  Not only will she look like and angel, she will sing like one, too.

Ahhh…I love Christmas.

Speaking of singing, I found this video on You Tube and thought you might enjoy it.  Can you recite all the 12 Days of Christmas?  Neither can  these guys.


13 responses to “Christmas Dress Embossed

  1. Neva Christensen

    Wonderful dress on a pretty young lady. The monogram looks sew good on the velveteen! Love it, love it….

  2. The dress is lovely! I really like that monogram, and you’re right, it’s perfect for the velveteen.

  3. I have to ask where you live, to have all this green stuff in your yard this time of year. I love the embossed monogram!

  4. It is beautiful, Janice. Love the colors and fabrics and so pretty on your beautiful Laurel.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. JA, we live in central Florida, nicknamed Paradise! It’s 82 degrees today–plenty of green in this climate.

  6. Thanks, Bunny. These certainly not traditional Christmas colors, but that makes it wearable for the entire winter.

  7. Beautiful – the dress and Laurel! I recently added this pattern to my “stash.” Thank you for your inspiration this year, and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  8. I love the dress, and I think the pictures are great. She is so pretty. I know she looked like an angel singing. I love Christmas sewing. I just wish they could wear the outfits longer. At least his can be worn into the new year.

  9. Thanks, Shirley. I love Christmas sewing, too. It’s so satisfying to make something especially suited for a dear one. You will have so much fun making an AG doll vest with your new Babylock Embellisher. You all can read about it at Shirley’s blog here

  10. Oh it’s so lovely Janice!
    Looks like you changed the neckline from a boatneck to a jewel neckline.

  11. Thanks, Designdreamer, but I did not change the neckline, just chose another option. The pattern has so many options–from the sleeve to the neckline to the skirt. It is very versatile. I am glad you like it.

  12. Bought the Pascale pattern (got some handmedown Sew Beautiful’s from a friend (I’m a subscriber now!), and one had the modifications for a smaller size, so of course I had to buy the basic pattern too!) – my kid’s a petite 2, so still in baby daygowns etc., but it’s good to have something that’ll work as a quality pattern for her until she’s too old for me to dress her! (Which in my super-skinny and super-tall sister’s case never happened – since we couldn’t find off-the-rack things for her that were a decent length, my mother made all her nice dresses, and even now (she’s 30 (gosh) yesterday) makes her many things.)

  13. Marguerite, I know you will enjoy that pattern. Like you, I am happy to find such a versatile pattern that I know will fit from one size to the next. You have lots and lots of fun sewing ahead of you with this petite little girl. I’d love to see photos of some of your creations.

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