Another Precious Child…

precious corner 2X

Our congregation is celebrating the birth of yet another precious baby.  Due to some complications, little Laura Jane came into the world a month before her due date.  At just over 4 lbs., this pocket sized preemie spent her first ten days in the hospital.

Two weeks later and now at home, Laura Jane weighs 5 lbs. 8 oz.  Hurrah!

As a deacon of our church, one of my responsibilities is to welcome new babies with a gift, hence, this blanket.  I love my job, but wish we had more newborns!

The delicate pink color of the ready made 100% cotton flannel blanket is much like the blush color of sweet baby cheeks.  The flannel’s heavy but luxurious texture made the embroidery process a real delight.

The text was arranged in Brother’s PE-Design.  The little angel cherubs are from Petite Designs, Brother’s card #20, one of my most often used collections. The corner embroidery nestled perfectly in my Brother Quattro 8×8 hoop.


bib corner


The ribbon designs in each corner and below the text are are featured in  Christening Gown Designs    from Martha Pullen’s Internet Embroidery Club, 2011.  The little bib, bonnet and booties were extracted from Dakota Collectibles  Toddler Trios.


bonnet cornerCRX


Heirloom lace edging covers the hem stitching line.  Feather stitches cover the lace header.  To make the blanket more “easy-care,” the scalloped side of lace was stitched in place with 80 wt. thread which just melted into the nap of the flannel.


bootie corner carousel 2X


I can’t wait to deliver this to the family and get a peek at baby Laura Jane. When her father was a child, he and his siblings often played at our house.  So I might see a family resemblance.  But what I will really see is just a tiny miracle.



22 responses to “Another Precious Child…

  1. Your church is lucky to have you in this role!

  2. Thanks, June. For so many reasons, I just wish we had more babies.

  3. from Martha Pullen forum: Oh Janice, this blanket is so beautiful it takes my breath away! And what a wonderful, very special church tradition too. I can just imagine how thrilled the mother and father will be to wrap their new little miracle in your gorgeous creation. I thank our dear Lord for bringing this little one through a difficult entry into this world, and thank you so much for sharing! : )

  4. from Martha Pullen forum: Gorgeous, gorgeous! What a beautiful gift for the newborn. How did you like ME ing on flannel? Did you treat it as a regular cotton fabric? I’ve always had a bit of a stretch issue with flannel.

  5. Like you, I’ve had issues with regular flannel and ME. But embroidering on this fabric was a breeze. It is such an unusual flannel, heavy and yet soft and fluffy. A few years ago I was in Tuesday Morning (sort of an overstock outlet) and there were several of these blankets marked down from $25 to $10 but that day it was 30% off. One package was open so I was able to feel just how wonderful it was. Well, I love a sale and with a price of $7 I bought all 6 of them. Of course, I worried that they would lose their nice hand after laundering but after my ritual pre-wash, they were just as nice as fresh out of the package. I wish I knew what this stuff is. I’d like a bolt of it.

  6. from SewForum: Beautiful welcome gift. Thankyou for sharing. I enjoy your blog as well as your sewforum postings.

  7. from SewForum: Beautiful, they will love this blanket ! Great job and thank you for sharing with us.

  8. Breath taking!! Mommy and baby are going to be in love with this beautiful gift

  9. from Martha Pullen Forum: How lovely is this. Just so dainty, the new parents will treasure it always. Thank you so much for sharing, I love the inspiration of seeing such beautiful work.

  10. from Martha Pullen forum: How beautiful; I love those tiny little designs (bib, bonnet and booties); I haven’t been to Tuesday morning in ages but can see I must return. It’s the type of store where you really have to go in frequently as the stock changes all the time. I have gotten some wonderful sheets and towels there in the past. Sometimes I run across some wonderful kitchen towels but haven’t seen any that I like for a couple of years.

    You do a wonderful job with gifts for newborns; your eye for design is excellent.

  11. from Martha Pullen Forum: Janice–You continue to amaze and inspire! How I wish I could sit next to you when you make the next blanket! I would love to be able to provide such a wonderful gift to the new parents in my church. What a blessing you are to all who know you!

  12. from MP forum: How lovely is this. Just so dainty, the new parents will treasure it always. Thank you so much for sharing, I love the inspiration of seeing such beautiful work.

  13. from MP forum: Janice, you got me to Tuesday Morning today. While I didn’t find blankets as pretty as yours I did find a cute baby blanket with stripes in the colors the parents are using and then some receiving blankets and baby bath towels and washcloths and a adorable little blankie binkie holder with a cute teddy head just jumped right into my basket! So, I am blaming all this on you when the credit card bill comes 🙂

  14. Thank you, All, for your very sweet comments. I appreciate each one, but I do not accept the blame for the credit card bill! Tuesday Morning does plenty of damage to my own credit card. I just can’t handle any more fiscal guilt.

  15. Janice,
    This is beautiful !! I am sure this wee babe will be treasured and loved so much : esp. when she is wrapped in something so delicate and made with so much love as this blanket. My triplets were born 10 weeks premature, at 1lb 10ozs, 2lb 10ozs and 2lb 14ozs, we did not know if they would ever survive or be ‘normal’. Now they are approaching 35 years old, are all strapping, bright and healthy men. A lot of their growth was done through prayer and help we received from our church. Praise the Lord for our “little Premmies” they are indeed gifts from our Father and the Faith we have in Him. Blessings to you and this little one and her family.

  16. from MP forum: Lovely blanket, beautiful embroidery – thanks for the inspiration, Janice! You always do such special things.

  17. Oh my, Jan! The story of your triplets’ birth is a real inspiration to all preemie families. Thank you for sharing this. I’m sure it gives hope and assurance to many.

  18. from MP forum: What a beautiful blanket! It is just perfect!! It will be a special treasure, especially to Laura Jane’s Dad, since you have known him since he was a child. What wonderful things you do, Janice.

  19. Dorothy Jernigan

    Hi Janice!
    What a gorgeous blanket! I’ve been a little “out of the loop” lately, lots going on, although I’ve been keeping up with your blog. I love reading it and seeing all your lovely creations. If you recall, my daughter and I purchased several items from your Nana’s Nursery Closet Sale back in the fall. At that time, we had no idea whether she was having a boy or a girl, and purchased some of each! Anyway, she had a beautiful baby BOY on 1/10/14! Like the little girl you made this blanket for, he also made his appearance early, 6 weeks early to be exact, and weighed in at 4 lbs. 8 oz., 16 and 3/4 inches long. By the grace of God, he was very healthy, no breathing problems, just a tiny little perfect boy! He spent one week in NICU, and then came home with mommy and daddy. Unbelievably, he will be 3 weeks old tomorrow, and he is thriving! We are truly blessed! I just wanted to share our good news with you!!

  20. Dorothy, what wonderful news! The birth of every healthy baby is a miracle, but when a little one comes so early and is still so perfect–well that it really cause for great celebration! I’m so happy that you shared the good news. There are wonderful memories to be made with him. Congratulations!

  21. The blanket is just lovely and I am sure that the little family was touched by such a thoughtful gift. You are a special person, Janice!

  22. Aw shucks, Karen. But thanks for your sweet words.

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