Baby’s Easter Slip & Tips

slip 2

slip for Baby’s Easter bow dress


This pink slip was made to be worn under granddaughter Vivian Rose’s white batiste Easter dress.  It create a soft pink shadow effect.


dress pink2


The slip bodice was monogrammed with white thread.


mono light


There are some interesting construction details on the slip.   As big fan of lace tape, I tried using it for the armscye facing and the placket.


slip armscye

lace tape facing


Having developed this product many years ago, I was surprised that the lace tape  recently purchased from Martha Pullen is very different from the original lace tape product.  Wendy Schoen bought the business from me, but she has recently closed her shop.   So I bought a good bit from Martha so I would have plenty on hand.

The new lace tape has a  heavier texture.  It is better for some uses like facings and shadow applique’ but is less suitable for some of my favorite heirloom techniques like lace insertion substitution.

Are you always trying something new?  Sometimes a “new” technique works out and other times it does not.  I was happy with the lighter finish to the armscyes, but the placket didn’t work out so well.  I won’t bore you with the details of that attempt, but the fix required a fold over much like Debbie Glenn’s Painless Placket.



Bow covers lace tape placket repair stitches.


Mindful of an heirloom sewing “rule”  learned years ago, I had to cover those visible machine stitches.  Desperately short of time, I simply tacked a bow over the exposed stitches. I have every intention of stitching a bullion rose in its place after Easter….hmmmmm…wishful thinking?




The fancyband at the hemline of the slip skirt was a leftover from the dress.  After joining this lace to the dress skirt, I decided that a single row of insertion was better.  But I hated to waste the lace and fancy entredeux.  So I removed it with one of my favorite sewing room tools, an Olfa Art Knife.


Olfa Art Knife2

After it was removed from the dress, a band of regular entredeux and edging were added to the slip fancyband.


Releasing the lace from the fancy entredeux would have been a colossal effort without the use of the  art knife.  I will be forever grateful to Mildred Turner for introducing me to this great tool, as well as other gems of knowledge she shared with me.

You can see that the header of the narrow insertion has been cut at the point where the art knife intersects it. This rarely happens but was likely due to my failure to follow Mildred’s careful instruction to “hold your mouth just right as you cut.”  Do you think she meant “hold your breath?”

I still have more Easter sewing to complete.  Almost finished is a Children’s Corner Callie with a vintage Liberty print with brown bunnies which will be shown soon.  I’m loving this pattern.  Also, I will be sharing some lovely photos of readers’ Easter garments.   Are you all finished with your Easter projects?


Was this mother up all night making her daughter's heirloom sewn Easter dress?

Was this mother up all night making her daughter’s heirloom sewn Easter dress?  She doesn’t look tired.  Maybe she ordered it from artist Esther Conrad Grant at Tiger Swallow Tales. It looks like batiste with a Battenburg collar.


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