Happy Easter!



…that’s what we had.  I hope yours was joyful and happy, filled with family and friends and children all around.

I completed all my sewing, made up more than one hundred raisin bread/cream cheese/jelly sandwiches for the church bunny lunch, finished all the cooking for Easter dinner and spent a joy filled weekend surrounded by all four grandchildren and other family members.  It was a beautiful Easter celebration.

They’ve all gone home now and the house is quiet.  The baby isn’t jabbering non-stop or slipping off to play in the dogs’ water bowl.  The boys are not running in and out of the house, laughing and slamming screen doors.  Laurel isn’t scurrying around, helping in the kitchen or chasing after Vivian Rose.  My adult children and spouses are not laughing and joking with one another.  Bob and I are not sharing smiles of understanding and appreciation as our eyes meet across the room.

I hope your Easter was as special.  And I hope you are not as exhausted as I am.

Psst...that's not really me.

Psst…that’s not really me.

4 responses to “Happy Easter!

  1. Congratulations for surviving a wonderful family gathering and celebration. I am sure that there were many memories made and will be recalled in the future. Our Easter has changed since our children were small. No grandchildren or others under 21. Family attending different churches and meeting at a restaurant shortens the time together, but allows for those same laughs, smiles and hugs. Lingering outside the restaurant, no one really wanted it to end. Mother’s Day will be here soon and perhaps a chance to gather again.

  2. You emailed me and said that you might have a Deco 500 font card for $5.00. I would like it if you have it and where do I send the money? Do you take paypal

  3. Carol, I will write to you privately about that.

  4. Beckie, holiday celebrations change as family dynamics change, but however you celebrate, spending time together has the same value. It’s not the where or what that matters, just the who. I hope your next family get together is just as special as this one was.

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