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As a self-described Only-When-Absolutely-Necessary digitizer/machine embroidery designer, I worked up this design for a Children’s Corner Callie.   It was made in a huge hurry for my granddaughter to wear to the Bunny Lunch at church the day before Easter.


VR ball basket


Though the bunnies are yo’yo’s made mostly made on the embroidery machine, they still require a little handwork.  Finishing the dress put me in such a celebratory mood that I posted here and other places that the yo-yo design for the big bunnies, as opposed to the little bunnies in the Liberty print, was being offered for free to anyone who posted a comment with that request.



Well……. obviously I was not at all clear as readers at various sites posted their requests on those sites for the Big Bunnies design as well as the yo-yo’s.   So I have tried to improve the less than perfect Big Bunnies design as best I can, given my limited digitizing capabilities.  I will repost and try to get word out that the comment must be left here so I have just one list to work from.

I apologize for the delay in answering your inquiries. If you would like the files to stitch this Big Bunnies design, please leave your request in the comment section of this post.  And please keep in mind that this was created by an OWAN digitizer (see this post’s opening line).

Rough as it is, I was pretty pleased with the finished result.

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