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Children's Corner Johnny

Julie’s Children’s Corner Johnny–how many French knots do you think there are?


It seems like forever since there has been a new post at Janice Ferguson Sews.  Busy, busy, busy is what I’ve been but only some of that busy-ness has been sewing. Sigh….

Now the distractions and other responsibilities are mostly behind me so I can share more sewing projects and chat.  Before the joyous Easter celebrations are even further in our past, I want to share some of the Easter outfit photos I received from our creative and talented readers.

Julie shared these photos and information about the precious, classic Johnny she made for her nephew.  She also smocked a dress for her niece.  I’d love to see that.

Pattern: Children’s Corner Johnny
Fabric: Pale Blue Pima Cotton Batiste
Embroidery was stitched using floche except for the sheep’s faces and legs; they were made using 2 strands of DMC 6-stranded embroidery floss. The embroidery design was a stumpwork pattern called “Counting Sheep” by Lorna Bateman. I purchased and downloaded the pattern off her Etsy shop. I didn’t even have to scale the design up or down; it printed out the perfect size for the outfit which is 24 months.



It probably would have been easier if I had have made the French knots bigger. It was fairly time consuming but definitely worth the effort and I actually had a lot of fun making it. This was actually my first real attempt at hand embroidering an outfit. I had practiced stitches on scraps of fabric and taken a few classes but hadn’t worked up the nerve to put anything on a garment. It’s too bad I waited until my youngest son was 6 months old before I took my first sewing and smocking classes. I did get to make him quite a few things but he just turned 5 and has definite opinions on what he will and won’t wear so I have to sew for my niece and nephew now.

Thanks, Julie!  This is a fabulous little suit with beautiful embroidery.  No one would ever know that you are a novice at hand embroidery.  Well done!

Courtney went all out for her children’s Easter finery–she made each of them TWO outfits, one smocked and one heirloom sewn!  Just take a look at these.


Courtney Easter FHS

Look at all that beautiful puffing!


Look at all that beautiful puffing!

I love to see stitching up close.


These children must have been show stoppers on Easter Sunday.  Courtney is now the Queen of Puffing!

The Children’s Corner smocked dress pattern is one of my all time favorites.  It was called Daydress  30 years ago when I made several for my daughter.  Now it is called Maggie.  It is a great pattern and beautifully smocked and constructed by Courtney.  The little button-on suit couldn’t be sweeter.  Wouldn’t you love to have seen Courtney’s little ones wearing these classic clothes?


Courtney Easter bro sis

And here is a close up.

Smocking plate is Bunny Luv by Ellen McCarn

Smocking plate is Bunny Luv by Ellen McCarn


Jo always does an amazing job of coordinating her 5 children AND her husband for Easter.  Look at what she came up with this year.  The variety and coordination just amazes me–four different fabrics, smocking, a bow tie, classic boy clothes,

Jo's 4 younger children

Jo’s 4 younger children


intricate 3-D flowers,




hair accessories–I LOVE that fussy cut center bunny,



AND absolutely perfectly matched side seams with this challenging fabric (that I have been coveting).


The other side is just as perfectly matched!

The other side is just as perfectly matched!


And then there are her big guys, wearing matching ties and looking so handsome.


J-j big guys

As if Jo didn’t have enough to do, she was asked  to make an Easter bubble for her newborn nephew.  She was so pleased to have another baby to sew for, but time was short.

She made this sweet outfit for baby Jakob from Chery Williams bubble pattern.



Jo added a touch of bullion embroidery on the front buttons.



Each of these outfits is a treasure and a memory maker for the children who wore them.  In years to come, they may not remember the specific chocolate bunny in their baskets or the delicious holiday meal.   But photos of this day will remind them once again that they were well-loved, special children, worthy of the time it took to create these heirlooms.

Thanks to all who shared their photos.

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