Slumber Party Pillowcases

L cake

Laurel, out of the pool and ready for birthday cake


Granddaughter Laurel recently celebrated her 10th birthday at a resort hotel.   Five of her closest friends and a few mothers had a big time enjoying all the activities and amenities typical of a resort hotel.


pcs 6


For party favors, a pillowcase was embroidered for each girl.  I have been reluctant to post these photos because there is sooooo much puckering in the embroidery.  It was caused by operator error–my use of  inadequate stabilizer.  But the girls were absolutely non-judgemental and seemed to love their personalized gift.


six pillowcase party favors

six pillowcase party favors

So here  they are anyway.


The "L" font is Loralie's Loralesque, with balloons substituted for the floral element.

The “L” font is Loralie’s Loralesque, with balloons substituted for the floral element.


The plan was to provide pigma pens for the girls to write messages on the pillow slips, much like the old fashioned autograph books from my era.  But it was decided that the pillowcases were just too pretty to write on.  Ahhhhh…..


yellow broadcloth with green rick rack trim

Ava’s yellow broadcloth was trimmed with green rick rack.


The quick and easy turn tube hem method was used to apply the Happy Birthday fabric.  I just love this technique.


lavender broadcloth with yellow rick  rack

Alyssa got the lavender broadcloth with yellow rick rack.


I love different fonts and really enjoyed using so many for the names.  My favorites are those collections which offer several size options in both upper and lower case. In many font collections, the letters A, L, J, S, and T are not easily recognized.


orange broadcloth with lavender rick rack

Orange broadcloth with lavender rick rack was for Kylie.


Editing the designs to include the balloons was another part of this project that I enjoyed.


The "R" is also from Loralesque by Loralie.

Like Laurel’s embroidery, the “R” for Rachel is from Loralesque by Loralie.  This is end-on-end fabric.   What a mess of puckers!


These pillowcases were nice stash-busters.    I need more projects like that!


The Lulu font from Martha Pullen provided the "R" for Rgqan's favor.

I love the Lulu font from Martha Pullen, used  for  Regan’s “R”.  Her fabric is pastel pink broadcloth.


Laurel has been looking forward to her 10th birthday for a long time.  Somehow, crossing into the double-digit age range was a very big deal for her.  I’m so happy that I could participate by sewing these pillowcases for her big event.

Have you all stitched party favors–for birthdays, showers, family reunions or whatever?  I’d love to hear about it.



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