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There is good news!  Many readers were interested in the embroidery machine cover   I made for my mother’s Babylock Ellageo several years ago. But the pattern was no longer available.




Now they are back!  Missi of Skeldale House  went the extra mile to contact the pattern designer, Monica Aderton.  Her site, Monica’s Miscellany, has been down for some time.

This is Monica’s response to Missi’s inquiry:

Thank you for your interest in my Quattro/Ellisimo machine cover pattern package. Two different covers are included in this pattern package; you can choose the one-piece cover or the two-piece cover, depending on your needs….
…Complete instructions on how to construct the cover is included.

Please be aware that the pattern prints out in sections on regular-size
( 8″x11.5″ ) printer paper and you will need to assemble the sections to get
the full-size pattern pieces. Instructions for doing this are  included.

The price of the cover pattern is $12.00 for delivery by email attachment.  If you would like to purchase, you can order as follows.

1. If you have a PayPal account, I can send you an invoice from PayPal, or,
if you prefer, you can use PayPal’s “send money” function and send the funds
to my account using this e-mail address
If you would like me to send you an invoice from PayPal, I need to know the
e-mail address you use for your PayPal account.

2. You can order by postal mail with a check or money order. Please send
your mail order to
Monica Anderton,
29 Patrick Blvd.,
Toronto, ON
M2J 3K7

It is so nice to have a fitted cover like this for your machine.  My poor Quattro has been sleeping  uncovered since she moved in with me.  I’ll be making one of Monica’s covers very soon.

When I ordered my pattern, Monica offered patterns for several different embroidery machines.  If you are interested in something other than the Brother ULT, Babylock Ellageo, Brother Quattro or Babylock Ellisimo, check with Monica.  No one wants to be reported to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Sewing Machines.


8 responses to “Patterns~Embroidery Machine Covers

  1. Karen Bullock

    Will this cover also fit the Baby Lock Esante? Thank you for your time and love the cover.

  2. Karen, I am not familiar with any Babylock embroidery machines except the Ellageo that my mother had. The pattern I used was specifically for the Ellageo and the Brother ULT series, but I don’t know about the Esante. At the time that I bought the pattern, these were the top of the line machines for both companies. At that time, Monica had patterns for several other embroidery machines. I suggest that you check with her. The covers are really wonderful.

  3. Karen Bullock

    I tried contacting Monica a few days ago at the email listed above and am still waiting for a response. Do you know if she’s still out there? I do want to purchase a pattern but am now reluctant to send any money.

  4. Karen, I would wait to hear from Monica. Someone told a while ago that she had some health issues and that’s why her website was down. I don’t know this first hand, but I suggest you wait. I wish I could be more helpful.

  5. Bonnie McDonald

    I need a pattern for my Babylock Elegante. Do you have a pattern for it?

  6. Bonnie, I do not have the pattern. Monica, whose website is no longer up, sold the patterns. I wish I could be more helpful.

  7. hello from Australia (down under) I have a Brother Quattro 6000D would this pattern fit my machine? many thanks 🙂

  8. Lynn, you are so lucky to have a Quattro. I’m quite certain the machine cover shown would not fit. I no longer have my ULT or the cover I made for it, but I also have a Quattro which I LOVE! and it is much larger. Here are the dimensions from the Brother web site:
    ULT (my machine, shown in the post with the cover) Sewing unit Height Width Depth 12.1″x18.5″ x 10″,Emb unit 4.8″ x 17″
    Quattro H W D13.071″ x 24.213″ x 13.071. I think there are patterns out there for each top-of-the-line machines like your Quattro but I don’t recall who does. Try a google search. Good luck! And happy stitching on your Quattro.

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