Summer Fun Sewing

flower top



Busy, busy, busy!  What ever happened to the “lazy, hazy,  crazy days of summer?”  Is that another thing of the past?  We’ve had crazy but no hazy or lazy.

In addition to lots of sewing, I’ve enjoyed  two weeks at our cabin in the mountains of North Carolina, one  week with our daughter, sweet Alastair and whirling dervish Vivian Rose, as well as one week with Bob. What great getaways from Florida’s hot summer!

This floral top was made for dgd Laurel, 10.  The quick and easy commercial pattern lent itself to a variety of embellishments.  In addition to piping and rick rack,  crocheted flowers  purchased from  Farmhouse Fabrics were added into the mix.


floral top crochet


Learning to crochet these little cuties has been on my bucket list for some time. But the way my life has been racing by, that list is would fit better in a 50 gallon drum than a mop bucket.  So when I found these crocheted motifs on-line at Farmhouse, I stocked up.





Another notion I enjoy having on hand is matching spaghetti bias and piping, as seen  on the  loopy flowerette above the bias and rick rack trimmed ruffle.

Laurel loved every minute of the 3 week long acting camp she just completed.  To show her appreciation for a special intern assistant, Laurel embroidered a bag for her with the traditional drama masks image and a monogram.


M bab


She is the proud owner of a Brother 300SE machine which she has used extensively for the past 4 years.  But somehow always manages to select a design that requires the use of my beloved Brother Quattro.  Hmmmm…I think she is hinting that it’s time for an upgrade.

A few other projects have been completed–a white linen CC Lillian church dress for Laurel, an embroidered bathing suit and CC Jane outfit for Vivian Rose, and more.

What have you been sewing?

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