Elephant “Jane”


Children’s Corner “Jane” with elephant applique


This was made while spending a week at our mountain cabin.  With our daughter and her two children and all their activities, it was a busy time.  And yet, I managed to finish this Children’s Corner Jane for 18 month old Vivian Rose.


Jane patt

What a terrific pattern this is!  Fast as a New York minute, easy as pie and cute as a button.  How’s that for a lot of cliches?  But it’s all true.  This may be the perfect pattern for our 18 month old granddaughter Vivian Rose.

I love a pattern that is simple enough to alter easily for different looks.  For the size 2, the basic top required just 1/2  yd. of 60″ wide fabric.  On this gray gingham top, a lace edged ruffle was added over the regular elasticized sleeve.  An appliqued gray ultrasuede elephant adds textural interest.  The loose tail is a bias tube made from the ruffle sleeve pink fabric.  I hope she doesn’t pull it off.






Tiny tornado Vivi has a lot of clothing preferences and requirements.  Always with places to go and people to see, she makes it clear that she has no time for multiple wardrobe changes.  And believe me, this little gal needs several changes each day.   Jane has no buttons so it’s an easy -on/easy-off garment. Vivi likes that.



The fit is perfect–and comfortable. Vivian Rose looks a little rumpled but this was taken after 6.5 hours in the car.   We took a break at a fast food place on the drive home to Florida from NC.


I didn’t make the Jane pants because she MUST wear skin tight leggings with every outfit.  Au naturel is her favorite look, a style she pursues by popping the velcro closures on her cloth diapers if she can get to them.  Then she removes the nappy and runs, faster than a stadium flasher, in her birthday suit for a few moments before her mother catches her. Tight fitting leggings prevent that indecent exposure.

I can’t wait to make a few more Janes.  I think it is now my favorite pattern.  What is yours?



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