ALERT!!! Hinshaw Shadow Embroidery


Christmas 11 collar centerCROP2

design from Suzanne Hinshaw’s Charming Embellishments collection. Collar featured in post  Shadow Work Christmas Collar


Look what I found on eBay—a  CD of Suzanne Hinshaw’s exquisite machine embroidery shadow work designs  Shadowed Bouquets posted for bids.  Click here to see the listing.

This gorgeous set includes many designs of flowers,  often tied up with a bow, koi fish in a frame arrangement, a wreath of holly, small single flowers, grapes, and one of my personal favorites, a frame filled with shadow worked bows as well as many other files.  The sizes range under an inch to 5.5 x 9.12″.   Her designs inspire so many ideas.

The auction includes  only the original cd without instructions, so that might give you pause if you’ve never done any of her designs.  But I would be happy to help any reader who purchases this.

A few days ago I was tickled pink to win the auction for her last collection,  Ladies and Babies,  the only one I didn’t already have.  And I was the only one who bid on it!  I have not yet received this cd but as the seller has a 99% approval rating, it should be delivered as expected.

I have no photos of projects on which I used some designs from  Shadowed Bouquets.  But here are some that I have stitched from her other sets.


design Suzanne Hinshaw's Teddies and Toys set.  Baby boy coming home suit featured in post,

design Suzanne Hinshaw’s Teddies and Toys set. Baby boy coming home suit featured in post Coming Home Teddy Bear.



baby pillowcase with combination of designs from Shadowed Bows 2


center towel design from  Shadow Work Monogram collection

center towel design from Shadow Work Monograms collection

design from Shadowed Bows 2.  Pillowcase details featured in post Machine Shadow Embroidered Pillowcase



Another design from Shadowed Bows2, shown on a baby pillowcase in this post

Suzanne Hinshaw’s designs are as so hard to find, so if you are interested, get on over to eBay and check it out.  The auction ends Aug 13, 2014 11:25:09 PDT.  You do  the math to translate into your local time zone. 

Good luck!

P.S.  I don’t know the vendor.


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  1. Rebecca Morris

    Thanks for writing about this. I was the successful bidder!

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