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eucharistic corporal (2)ED

The photo has been darkened to show the detail in the design.


Needleworkers–or sewists if you prefer–so often share their time and talents with friends and relatives and charitable organizations. I am especially touched when I hear from readers who do faith-based needlework.  Some have sent pictures which are shared below.

After the previous post about church linens, reader Sandra commented that she too had made eucharistic corporals for relatives. I was delighted to read that  she is, in fact, my Sigma Kappa sorority sister!  That’s just one more benefit of writing this blog!

I asked Sandra if she would send pictures to share and hurrah!  She did.  Here’s what she had to say about the exquisite pieces she made.


I had planned on doing one for practice and then doing one more to give to my brother in law.  However, the practice one turned out really well too, so I gave it to my nephew who is in seminary.

The edges are hemmed with mitered corners (on backside of the cloth, so you don’t see the miters in these pictures).  I wish I had better photos for you.  I’m not as skilled with the camera and the white on white is hard to capture.


The design I used from Embroidery library is called: Ornate Cross (Redwork) Product ID: E3563 3.21″(w) x 3.85″(h)

 Hope you get the idea.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We do, Sandra, and your work is just gorgeous.  Thanks for sharing.  I’m sure your nephew and brother-in-law are grateful for these meaningful gifts.


Some time ago, reader Shirley’s stunning hardanger altar cloth was featured. Shirley has taught hardanger and is very accomplished in a variety of needlearts.





My Aunt Rheeta created a spectacular communion cloth with veils for the elements.  I took these very unsatisfactory pictures, but you can trust me to say that the cloth and accompanying items were worthy of the altar.




I myself made a sad attempt at making a communion cloth.  There were lots of reasons for its failure, but still it was made with reverence.


radiant cross xx

If any other readers have church linens to share, I would love to see them.  They would be posted later, but I’d really appreciate it.

What other items are you all sewing now?  Has anyone started on Easter?

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