Happy Valentines Day Celebrations

I hope your Valentine’s Day was filled with


Our family had wonderful celebrations, both at our home with the older two grands and across the state where our littlest darlings live.

The younger ones marked the occasion in their own special way.  While she prepared things to take to the school Valentine party, Rebecca asked her 5 yo Alastair to sit with his sister, 2 yo Vivian Rose, and to please make sure she didn’t leave the table with the markers.

“No problem, Mom,” said Big Brother.


VR and A

True to his word, she never left the table with the markers.


At school on the big day, Alastair spent a whole dollar to have a carnation delivered to the darling girl who sits next to him in kindergarten.  According to his mother, who volunteers in his classroom every week, this little gal runs and wrestles and roughhouses with the boys.  Many are as smitten as Alastair.


A carnation

When he was a toddler, it was obvious that he would be a charmer.  For that Valentine’s Day, I embroidered this shirt for him.


A package was sent to them with goodies from Nana and Grandan (their name for Bob) and this towel was included for the adults.  It’s just a tiny reminder of our enormous love.



Design is from Be My Valentine collection from Kreations by Kara.



Our two older grandchildren, Robert and Laurel,  arrived Friday with flowers, chocolates and heart cookies for me, their grandfather and visiting Aunt Rheeta (the cookies were eaten before the picture was taken).




Saturday morning they presented me with more goodies from Granddad.


R flowers candy

Robert Charles, looking forward to sharing the chocolates.


I really love that man.

Sweet and Happy


Then 10 yo Laurel Cade cooked and served heart pancakes for breakfast for all 5 of us.


L cooks

They were delicious.



It was a fun filled day.  Later Laurel and I baked my Valentine his very favorite treat, a cherry pie.  Aunt Rheeta embroidered more dishtowels for friends.  Robert and Granddad played basketball in the driveway.

After dinner, we had a big bonfire, roasted marshmallows and made s’mores.  Then the guys watched the Gator basketball game.

All things considered, it was a fabulous day filled with fun and love.

I hope yours was just as grand.

Love one another


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