Easter Outfits from my Past

Is there any more joyous occasion for sewing than Easter? It’s time to get started but instead of pulling out the lace and batiste, I find myself looking back at those confections from the past. For me, it’s not about seeking inspiration so much as it is about enjoying the memories all over again, like re-reading a very good book.

Among these outfits, there might be some inspiration for those of you who have not yet jumped into this special sewing season.

Who doesn’t love babies in daygowns?  And with a sweet big brother they are even more precious.



If daygowns interest you, details are posted here Happy Easter ’13.  This post details the daygown with fagotted lace and a hand embroidered front placket


The next year Big Brother Alastair wore this little suit.

Another hurry-up outfit, made for my grandson Alastair.

This hurry-up Easter suit  was made for my grandson Alastair.


It seems like I am always in a rush to get Easter outfits finished.  This one for Alastair was no exception.

Making this dress was pure joy.  I love the Swiss handloom and laces.

dress pink2

Baby’s Easter Dress, made for Vivian Rose last year. It was a modification of a dress I made for her mother 31 years ago.


And I love this picture of her strolling through the grass.


Vivian Rose, 15 months old, Easter 2014

Vivian Rose, 15 months old, Easter 2014

One year my  two grandsons wore matching shorts and shirts with machine shadow work collars.  Robert’s featured sailboats while Alastair had a train.


sailboat easter suit

For our first grandchild’s first Easter, she was just crawling.  So she wore a bubble.


The baby bunny bubble was perfect for a fast-crawling baby.

The baby bunny bubble was perfect for a fast-crawling baby.


Eight years later she wore this dress for Easter and for her baptism.



Details and more photos are posted here.


There are many more, but the ones I’ve shown are probably more than you care to see at one time.  Still, I have to share one of my all-time favorites,  this peach Swiss batiste dress made for my own baby girl 30 years ago.



My own baby girl wore this peach Swiss batiste dress 31 years ago.


In the post I explain why the formerly peach satin ribbon is now yellow.  It all has to do with a black magic marker.

I’d love to hear about your Easter projects.  Send picture, okay?

Happy sewing!


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