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Peter blanket ed


We’re re-modeling our kitchen.  What, you might ask, does that have to do with a Peter Rabbit blanket?  Let me explain.

We have no counters, no kitchen sink, and until last week, no stove.  Of course, breakfast and lunch are cold or prepared in the microwave and eaten on paper plates.  For dinner, we have no choice but to eat out every night.  What a hardship!  I told the kitchen guys to take their sweet time.


Mrs Rabbit

The dining room is stacked high with all the contents of the kitchen cupboards and much sorting needs to be done.  Do I really need the old aluminum stew pot I inherited when my very dear mother-n-law died in 1972.  Hmmmm…maybe some day I will use it.  Maybe not.

But between sorting, discussing placement of a new cabinet, or trying to read the time on the spackled and primed empty wall where the kitchen clock has hung for the past 43 years, I did manage to get a little sewing done.


Flopsy Mopsy feather


The sewing room was my refuge and the source of my therapy.  Can any of you identify with my stress?

It was no small comfort to stroke the soft blue flannel and crisp, starched Swiss pique.  A baby blanket is relatively easy project with little measuring and fussing over fit.  I just cannot yet tackle Easter dresses for granddaughters Vivian Rose and Laurel.  But for this time of year,   Brother’s Peter Rabbit collection seemed an appropriate choice.




A simple machine feather stitch creates a grass-like border.   The flannel is wrapped to the front and pinstitched in place.  Below each rabbit design is a feather quilting design from an old Brother card I have had for such a long time.  I’ve always like it and the perfect stitches you get with the embroidery machine.

So, Dear Readers, this is what I’ve been up  to.  No cooking, very little cleaning and a little bit of bunny sewing.  How about you?

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