Only for the Love of Grandchildren

Apparently,  there is no limit to what we will do for our children or grandchildren.


Pokemon ninja headbandss


I can’t believe I’ve just made 43 Pokemon Ninja headband birthday party favors for sweet grandson Alastair.  That’s LOVE!!!

Now 6 years old, he and most of his friends are  smitten with Pokemon characters. The headbands are embroidered with four of the all-important “energy symbols.”


party ninjas

Alastair is the little guy standing with his hands in his pockets.

At the party the children wore them on their heads, their arms, their waists …wherever.

The original request was for 28, one for each child and a few extras  for the daddies who might join in.  But I had extra fabric and before I knew it there were 38 for the party.

As  the children got into it, they needed more and more.  Before long, parents’ headbands were appropriated by enthusiastic Ninjas.  Soon, the children wore all 38.  From a kid perspective, if one energy symbol is empowering, more is more powerful.

The day after the party, Alastair called asking for 5 more!!!  He ended up with only 3 headbands and wanted 2 complete sets of 4.  Then when a friend came for a play date, they would each have all four sources of their imaginary energy/power.

So what did I do—for the love of this precious grandchild?–I stitched up 5 more.

I knew little sister Vivian Rose would be romping with the boys, but this old fashioned Nana thought that Vivi’s  should be pink.  Trimmed in lace, thank you very much!  Fortunately, she is not yet savvy enough to know hers is not official Pokemon.


She seems to think that opening her mouth passes for a smile when faced with a camera.

She seems to think that opening her mouth passes for a smile when faced with a camera.


An exhaustive search of the internet turned up no energy symbol embroidery designs so the pen tablet for my beloved Quattro saved the day.  With a few adjustments, four of the designs were ready for the embroidery machine.  This is such a cool tool.


There might be something to these energy symbols.  Look what Vivi can do wearing hers.


pushing ninja


For my grandchildren, I’ve done sewn some things that probably upset my sewing machines.  One unusual project was the sound proofing ear muffs for baby Laurel to wear when flying in her family’s twin Comanche.  There are others I don’t care to recall.

But when the call comes in…..”Nana, can you make me…? “  the answer is always yes.  Because I love them so.

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