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pinafore front

Linny’s Pinafore Pattern by Mommy’s Apron Strings


Making this little summer pinafore for 2 yo granddaughter, Vivian Rose, was such fun.  I “tested”  Linny’s Pinafore by Mommy’s Apron Strings  and loved the results.


pini back

The star at the base of the placket was machine embroidered. It looks like a happy coincidence of fabric placement.  The novelty buttons are shells.


I love the fabric, an older Daisy Kingdom border print.  The borders run along the selvages so two patterns are available.  Having the back border be different from the front suited me.

The yokes and perimeter are trimmed with whipstitch piping an small navy rick rack.  A star was machine embroidered at the base of the placket.

I expect to make more of these, at least one of which will be edged with ruffles like Lisa’s (Mommy of Apron Strings) version.



Linny’s Pinafore by Mommy’s Apron Strings


The easy, well done pattern rendered a comfortable and cute little popover top for our beach-loving baby girl. There are so many variations–quick and easy or more detailed with embroidery, smocking or heirloom techniques.  I love the look of the bows at each side but instead chose the tab option.   Vivi would untie those bows in a heartbeat.

My Rebecca, Vivian Rose’s mother, has booked two weeks for her little family at the beach (Atlantic) near us.   Last summer our baby girl loved playing in the sand.

Vivian Rose at the beach last summer

Vivian Rose at the beach last summer


This year she’ll have a perfect little outfit to wear once she washes off the sand.

We’ll be spending a lot of time at “our” beach enjoying time with Vivian Rose, adorable 6 yo Alastair and our wonderful daughter and her husband.  Summer is looking good.

They live across the state just 15 minutes from the Gulf and spend a lot of time seaside.

So Baby Girl NEEDS more of these, don’t you think?

What are you sewing for summer?



16 responses to “Seaside Pinafore

  1. Shirley Boyken

    Again…..our minds are both going the same direction! The smocked version of Linny’s Pinafore caught my eye and it is on my “to-do” list for my summer sewing. Summer has certainly arrived here in the Valley of the Sun in Phoenix. I don’t currently have any little ones to sew for so it will just go into my Grandmother’s Hope Chest for whoever will need it someday.

  2. Shirley, I’m not surprised that we both were drawn to this sweet pattern. Your “hope chest” sounds more like a “for need” chest. I am so looking forward to the time when I can do more charity sewing, like Little Dresses for Africa and the local pregnancy center. You should be leaving hot Phoenix soon for cooooool Minnesota. You can get lots of sewing done there. Did I ever mention that our family spent the SUMMER of 1984 in Phoenix–well, Mesa. So I know just how very hot it gets there.

  3. from Martha Pullen forum: Adorable, as always, Janice! Your little Vivian will be the hit of the beach crowd!

  4. Thank you! I can’t wait to see her, regardless of what she is wearing.

  5. from Martha Pullen forum: oh my, I have some of that same white w/blue fabric in my stash. Also have similar fabric, with red designs imprinted. How fun to see it made into something cute and useful.

  6. I am crazy about this fabric and just loved it for this little pinafore. I have some of the red, but only the border. Now my mind is racing with ideas for that.

  7. from Martha Pullen forum: Adorable, love the fabric and pattern and piping…lovely details and perfect for your time at the beach! Don’t forget the sunblock!

  8. Thank you. I can just see her strolling along the beach before it’s time to get in the water. No need to worry about forgetting sunscreen. Her mama greases those children up so much that you can hardly pick one up without the child sliding through your arms.

  9. from MArtha Pullen forum: Love the fabric. This turned out so cute!!

  10. I think any little garment would be cute with this fabric. Wish I could find more.

  11. from Martha Pullen forum: What a darling outfit!! And, so nice to support “one of our own”–Lisa is so nice and really creative!!

  12. I agree wholeheartedly! The things she has given away were an indication of her ability to put out a lovely pattern. I’m a slow learner and have a hard time following most patterns. I love all her photo instructions.

  13. from MArtha Pullen forum: Adorable! So cute for the summer…I love this pattern.

  14. I expect there will be a lot of Linny’s Pinafores being worn this summer.

  15. from Martha Pullen forum: Janice, This is a darling pattern and I love your interpretation of it! The fabric is SEW cute. Border prints are very “in” these days. I like the back and the front being slightly different and the piping really sets it off. GREAT job as always!

  16. I’m glad you like the different borders on one garment. I deliberated for some time about whether to go with one or two. Ultimately, the fabric hoarder in me went with both because the borders run along the selvage, with stars between. I used only 23″ of that sweet Seaside Silhouette fabric for the entire pinafore.

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