Sewing Non-Stop

Sew busy!   Lately, of course, I’ve spent a lot of time getting acquainted with my new Brother Dream Machine.  But before my Dream came true,  I was kept busy with several small but important machine embroidery projects, like this one.


com bag text 2

The Scripture design is from Designs by Juju, in her collection Heavenly Inspirations 1. It was slightly modified to make room for the addition of the Bible design.


This was made for our 10 year old granddaughter, Laurel, who needed a bag to carry her sizable notebook and Bible to her weekly Communicant Class (read “confirmation”) at our church.


com bag mono 2


As you might expect, a monogram was added to the other side.  The bag has seen heavy usage these past weeks.

Another quick project was a set of whimsical luncheon napkins.   They coordinate with the Seaside Madeira Table Linens I stitched last summer.


The embroidery and gingham made this a more casual setting than the hemstitched linen napkins shown here.


4 napkins

The embroidery and gingham made this a more casual setting than the hemstitched linen napkins shown above.


The napkins were cut down gingham dishtowels  from All About Blanks that I keep on hand.  The lime green gingham was a perfect color match for the linen on the placemats and tablecloth.

This little project actually took more planning than I expected.  The number of letters varied and decisions had to be made about size and placement.  I chose to use the same font in PE-NEXT for each serviette but varied the size.  After careful consideration, I chose to have the bottom letter of each text be precisely the same distance from the gingham border.



One of my first embroidery projects on my Dream Machine was embellishing  two pairs of slippers for a Disney fan.


black slippers


I had no idea they could be so easy to embroider.  The style with a velcro closure makes this a quick and easy project.


white cupcake slippers

I just love these cupcakes.


Stabilizer was hooped then the slipper flap was pinned and then basted in place.  The embroidery was a breeze.

Aside from all the embroidery, I’ve just finished a darling pinafore (no embroidery but sooo cute!) for 2 yo granddaughter Vivian Rose.  I can’t show it yet as I was testing new pattern by Lisa at Mommy’s Apron Strings.  It will be released very soon and this simple, versatile, adorable pattern surely will be very popular.  As soon as it is out, I will post a picture, hopefully with Vivi modeling.

Have you been sew busy?  What have you been sewing?

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