Free Ghee’s Webinar!

Wow!  A free webinar from Linda McGehee July 28th, 8 p.m. Central time.  Her classes are always exciting, full of inspiration and fun, new techniques.   I expect this will be true to form.

I’ve attended Linda’s classes at the Lakeland Original Sewing and Quilt Expo as well as here in central Florida.  They were all fabulous.  To be able to sit at home and view Linda’s magic for free is pretty wonderful.

So sign up.  It’s free!

This is the newsletter Linda sent out about the webinar.  All the information is here but as you can see, I had trouble copying it.   If you go to her website, you can get the original.

This message was at the end of the newsletter but I couldn’t get it placed properly.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We’re getting ready for a new change to our website, so stay in touch for the new announcement.
Click the underscored to go directly to the site.  (Ed. note–this is the webinar link.)
Free Class on Craftsy  by  Linda
Use this link: (This is a free craftsy class, not the webinar. )
Happy Stitching,

Linda McGehee/Ghee’s

Ghee's Logo

Linda McGehee wearing the
         Donut Wrap
Trimmed with Rhinestone Zipper in the Binding

. . . 
What students are saying about Linda’s classes:

Linda is a very patient & generous teacher. I enjoyed every one of the classes I took from her.


GREAT presentation by well organized teacher.


Good to see samples & finished product with embellishment.

Good explanations.

Great Class, Enjoyed all the different techniques.

Very informative!

I learned to speak zipper!

Dear Sewing Friends,

Get ready for another FREE Webinar!

Quick Gifts for the Holidays!
or Christmas in July!
 Here’s the link–

Be sure to click the link to sign up.
The date of the Webinar is
July 28 at 8pm Central time.
Like us on Facebook and tell your friends, too.
Have a
Webinar Party
and you could win 
some great prizes for you and your guests. There have been many happy recipients 
of this prize, so have some 
of your stitching friends over, and enjoy the webinar together.
Here’s a teaser of one of the quick gift ideas 
from the 
FREE Webinar on July 28. 
It’s a coffee cozy. But it works great for 
hot chocolate, too.
What’s Happening in the Garden
This is the week that everything began to happen in the garden.
The figs are coming in and I’m headed out on a 10 day teaching trip.
They are late this year, but bountiful.
Jack and a few people are picking for me so that I can make preserves when I return & after the FREE Webinar.
Here’s a couple of pictures to wet your appetite.
Note from Janice:  I was the lucky recipient of a jar of Linda’s fig preserves.  What a treat!
I was disappointed to think that I wouldn’t see our Night Blooming Cereus bloom since I’m leaving town. We have one bloom this year so far. When I checked it out last night I discovered that it was ready to bloom! A delightful evening was spent taking photographs.
I was suppose to finish some stitching, but when given a chance to watch this plant bloom, I’ll take it.





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