Inside Out Tanks

Bingbon, a favorite character

Bingbong, a favorite Pixar Inside Out character


Have you seen the new Pixar movie, Inside Out?    It offers some insight if you are trying to figure out just what children are feeling.


Joy is a happy gal.

Joy is the happy gal on the flip side of Bingbong.


The shirt embroideries are Brother’s  Inside Out designs.  It was June Mellinger’s creative idea to embroider two off-the-rack tanks and stitch them together .  This makes one embroidered tank top,  making it reversible— or wearable “inside out.”   With this inspiration I embroidered 6 tanks and ended up with 3 reversible tops.


Did something make you irate?  This shirt let's your world know.

Feeling irate that things didn’t go as planned? This shirt let’s your world know you are angry.


Like Superman’s duds,  the shirt could be reversed in the bathroom when the mood is reversed.  Do you  remember Superman in the phone booth?  Do you even remember phone booths?   Of course they are no longer so the ladies’ room would have to do.

One side of each tank was ruched up with elastic and topped with a button.  I’d like to have ruched it up higher, but I didn’t have a child handy to see just how high would be too high.  So this little bit of elastic had to do.

Just above the button on one side and below the button on the reverse side is a buttonhole which keeps the two shirts in alignment while being worn.


Where you appalled at that low test grade?  Wear your disgusted shirt.

Appalled at a friend’s behavior? Wear your Disgusted shirt.


Buttons and buttonholes were also added at the underarm.  Like the underarm buttons this adds a little more color and interest.  It also helps to keep  the two shirts working together.


Fear button

In a panic that your cell phone is lost? The Fear shirt is just the thing to wear.


A tiny zig zag stitched the two shirts together at the neckline.     With the colored shirt on top of the white tank, monofilament was in the needle and bobbin thread was selected to match the color of the second shirt.


The phone was dropped and broken?  Sad shirt says it all.

Your cell phone was dropped and broken? Sad shirt says it all.


Of course, Inside Out designs are not the only ones which can be used.  I can envision reversible tanks embroidered with a computer and the text BUSY, then   reversed to an embroidered beach scene with text RELAXED.  Or a cupcake with FEELING SWEET, reversed to a lemon with SO SOUR. You get the idea.

Now, I’m back to sewing boring new kitchen valances.  What are you stitching?

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