CC Lucy at the Beach

Children's Corner Lucy with CC Parker's Pants shorts

Children’s Corner Lucy with CC Parker’s Pants shorts


It’s been so long since a new post has appeared.   Faithful readers may have assumed that I had run away to relax at the beach!   But NOT!  It’s just been a very, very busy time, so busy that it has taken me almost a month to finish this simple outfit for 2 yo granddaughter Vivian Rose.  But I am pleased with it.




Embroidery is from Babies Beach Fun by Bit of Stitch. The sun and sea gulls were extracted from other designs in my library and added.

I got excited about the embroidery when Jerry Nix Roberts posted an adorable bubble with this design from  Babies Beach Fun  by Bit of Stitch.  Terri Collins was also inspired by the design and made a Lucy almost identical (scroll down to the bottom of the post) to the one I have copied so shamelessly.  After seeing Terri’s precious creation of a baby beach dress, I just had to make one for Vivi.

I started with Children’s Corner Lucy pattern.


Lucy patt


First, the garment front was embroidered.  Then several modifications were made to the pattern. First, the hemline ruffle was eliminated and was instead  added to the Children’s Corner Parker’s Pants shorts.  For now, Vivian seems to prefer shorts to bloomers, so of course, that’s what her Nana made!

Florida summers –which can  last until mid-October!–are just too hot for a lined garment.   So the second modification was made to the lining.  l I love the ease of construction when garments are lined but opted instead to line only the bodice with cotton gingham.

Without the complete lining,  the hemline had to be dealt with.  I surely wasn’t in the mood to handstitched it, so the skirt was turned up a scant 1/2″ and then serged.  Very near the serged edge, a gathering thread was stitched.  This was used to draw up the curved hemline when it was turned.  Finally, it was machine basted and then secured with a bean stitch.

 The shirt tail hem is stitched in place with a bean stitch.

The skirt’s shirt tail hem is stitched in place with a bean stitch.  The 1″ turned up shorts hem is also secured with the bean stitch usig 12 wt. thread.


In the needle, 12 wt. cotton thread was used.  The bobbin was wound with 50 wt. cotton.   The same stitch was used on the hem of the shorts and around the casing at the waist.  I really like that look and will probably use this technique on other play clothes.

Parker’s Pants is a very nice pattern, with several lengths included.


CC Parker's Pants pattern

CC Parker’s Pants pattern


Now I’m eager to see Vivi wear this.  Her family has spent two separate weeks at the beach and now are back for the weekend.  It’s a shame I didn’t have her “Lucy” ready for her visits to the Atlantic.  But there still is time for her to wear it.

What are you sewing?  Back to school? Or what?  I’d love to know.

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