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As a self proclaimed Old Fashioned Nana, cool isn’t a style I embrace.  But this lime green and silver  sewing machine tool bag really is cool.  It looks almost futuristic, like something that should be a space shuttle carry on.

Of course, if I were to fly to the moon in that big, scary bird I would take my Dream Machine along.  And of course, I would need my accessories packed in this cool tool bag.


Notice the pleat at the bottom of each screening bag. The free edge has been zig zagged with lime green thread to secure the crease and to add another touch of lime.    color.

Notice the 1″ pleat at the bottom of each vinyl mesh compartment.  That allows the bag to expand in order to accommodate bulky  accessories like the walking foot.


This project was designed and taught by teacher extraodinaire Lyn Powers at my home-sweet-home sewing store,  The Sewing Studio , just outside of Orlando.  I am so fortunate to live near enough to shop and learn there.  The all-day class was one of a series of 8 for owners of Brother’s Dream Machine and Babylock’s Destiny. NOTE:  If you have an extra minute, you might enjoy the little story at the end of this post.

The bag is so useful!  It holds those miscellaneous, fabulous tools that go with today’s sewing machine.  Many of these do not fit in the machines’ accessory cases and many require careful handling.  They really shouldn’t just rattle around loose in a drawer by the machine.  The batting offers protection to these valuable accessories.


bag loaded open xx

Currently it is loaded with my walking foot, embroidery foot, and sensor pen with more to come.


The silvery cotton fabric was quilted with a serpentine stitch and a 6.0/100 twin needle.   Alternate diamonds were stippled in the hoop with lime green thread.  Have you ever seen lime green velcro????  It was imported from France just for this class– made me feel pretty important!


On this cool tool case, I managed to use 10 buttons and not a single buttonhole.

For this cool tool case, I managed to use 10 buttons while stitching not a single buttonhole.  Can you see the subtle lime green stippling in alternate diamonds?


I added a variety of buttons to the top edge, mostly because I am drowning in buttons and am always on the lookout for a way to incorporate them into a project.  Included are utility plastic, antique glass and flashy jewel-like green leaf novelty buttons.

Much as I dislike the time it takes to hand sew buttons in place, which is how each of these were attached, it took even longer to decide which buttons to use.


Big buttons, tiny buttons, in-betwen buttons, glass buttons, gingham buttons, frog buttons, flip flop buttons.....which would you have chosen?

Big buttons, tiny buttons, in-between buttons, antique glass buttons, gingham covered buttons, frog buttons, butterfly buttons, flip flop buttons…..which would you have chosen?


So much was learned in this class, from creating a stipple fill, placing it with the machine’s scanner, using specialty feet and more.  But certainly you could design and make your own such bag  without using high-tech features.  There are probably patterns available.

I plan to make one for  for each of my other machines.  But it’s likely they will be of the more traditional, Old Fashioned Nana style.

Have you made any special sewing bags?

P.S.  Check out this beauty!

Click on  the link to see the other sides of this incredible, hand embroidered sewing bag.

Click on the link to see the other sides of this incredible, hand embroidered sewing bag.


Sewing Studio Story

In one of the previous Dream classes at The Sewing Studio, I was chatting with my new friend who was sitting next to me.  She related that she had spent her working years “up North” but often came to the Orlando area to visit family.  And The Sewing Studio.

When she was ready to retire to the Orlando area, she found a near perfect home with one draw back–it was 4 miles from The Sewing Studio.  She said she knew she could afford the house, but was not sure she could afford being that close to this sewing candy store.

She bought the house anyway and said she spends waaaay too much time and waaay too much money at The Sewing Studio.  And she has no regrets.




7 responses to “Cool Tool Case

  1. from Martha Pullen forum: I like those raised serpentine tucks! Great looking bag!

  2. from Martha Pullen forum: Janice, this turned out beautiful! I love the bag.

    I had just seen a similar bag on Indygo Junction patterns. I’ll try to find it. I wanted it for all the cords that we take when traveling.

    Again, what a pretty and useful bag.

  3. from Martha Pullen forum: Great bag, what a perfect project to try out all of your newly learned techniques.

  4. I love the suggestion to use it for machine cords when we travel–or phone chargers, Kindle chargers, etc. I may need to make yet another after I make a few more for machines.

  5. from SewForum: Great project. Thanks for the link.

  6. Janice, this is a great bag and you did a great job on it. We need more than one of these bags for our feet, etc. I have the Brother label maker and I have printed out which cord goes to which machine, etc. so that when I am packing for a trip I don’t mix them up, since I have different machine brands I have found this helpful. I Love my Quattro2 but you are making me want the Dream Machine, LOL. Thanks for sharing with us and giving us ideas.

  7. Betty, labeling your cords is a great idea. You could whip up a bag like this for cords and accessories in no time, and I bet each would be fabulous.

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