Star Wars and Sunsets


A Star Wars apron made and monogrammed for a friend.

A red-lined Star Wars apron made and monogrammed for a friend.


Star Wars fans are so excited about the opening of  The Force Awakens movie.   Well aware of that marketing opportunity, 11 yo granddaughter Laurel has been busy stocking Star Wars items in her Etsy store, SewAmazingGifts.  


3 buttonsWM

Fabric covered buttons have either a pin or rubber band back for ponytail or flip flops. She is selling them for $3 each at her Etsy shop.


Today was a Star Wars marathon. We worked together in the sewing room as she made samples and filled orders.  First she finished the apron she started last week.  It just warms my heart to I see her comfortably and happily stitching away on my Brother Dream Machine.   Seeing her progress through the years makes this Nana so proud.

I pressed fabric while she sewed and covered the buttons.  We were so busy that I forgot to take a picture of Laurel at work.

The pins and ponytail buttons were made with Hope Yoder’s fabulous Button Cover Machine.  It’s such a great addition to my sewing room–it’s quick, fun and offers so many opportunities for creative gifts.


Hope with her button machine,

Hope shows her button machine and samples at her Sewing At The Beach booth.


Watch Hope’s demo on YouTube.


When Laurel realized how easy it was to cover the buttons, she was tickled pink.  She made pins to go on bags.


This pin could be attached to a backpack, tote, or any item.

This pin could be attached to a backpack, tote, or any item


She made ponytail buttons.


Star Wars ponytail holder

Star Wars ponytail button


She made ponytails buttons to loop over flip flops.


flip flop

This button would have been cuter with a red bow behind it, but we ran out of time.


She would have made more and more but it was time to go home. Our son made the 15 minute flight in his Twin Comanche from home to our local airport to pick up the children.  Earlier in the day, he and his wife Shelly had done a very challenging 2 hour obstacle run called the Little Frog.  She stayed home to rest.

Robert suggested we have dinner together at the restaurant right there next to the runway.


Dinner at The Port.

Dinner on the deck at The Port.


There we were treated to the best burgers in the county and a spectacular Florida sunset.  Robert ran off with Granddad’s phone to capture the sight near the planes where the view was best.


sunset 4


The children's ride home.

the children’s ride home



What a wonderful day it was.  Robert and Laurel had spent the night and  today we were all laughing  most of the time.  Robert is ever the witty one while Drama Queen Laurel sporadically breaks out with song and lines from Broadway plays.  They always keep us entertained.

We are so blessed to have our son and his family nearby so we can enjoy them so often.  This was a day I’ll file away in my personal memory scrapbook.

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