Star Wars Cape and Vader’s Wedding Death March


cape all2x

Are your friends and family as Star Wars star struck as mine?  I was so busy with projects inspired by The Force Awakens  that I have gotten a very late start on grandchildren’s Christmas clothes. For a number of reasons, the dress for 3 yo Vivian Rose and bow tie for 6 yo Alastair are not specifically Christmas, so they can still be worn after their December 24th delivery.  The next post will  include photos and details of the “holiday” clothes.

But back to Star Wars. This super hero cape was posted some time ago for a few hours, until I discovered that I had accidentally added the watermark for granddaughter Laurel’s SewAmazingGifts Etsy store.  So the post was removed.  But I cannot remove the watermark, which is the point of a watermark, I guess. So I am now  reposting it.

Though my blog is titled Janice Ferguson Sews, Modern Projects for Old Fashioned Nanas, this modern project is not my style.  But Star Wars is a hot topic now, as Star Wars fans eagerly await the the Dec. 18 release of The Force Awakens movie.  These fans include boys and young men (and some not so young)  in my family.

With that in mind, I’m on a Star Wars roll which began with this cape.  I choked a little, working on fabric soooooo far from Swiss batiste, though  the quilting cotton is very nice quality. The trims and embellishments–plastic buttons and metal snaps–are 180 degrees from the heirloom laces and MOP buttons which I prefer.  But I stitched my way through, anticipating the grins on fan faces.

The free pattern is from Nancy’s Notions.  It’s quick and can easily be embellished as much or as little as you like. Nancy offers so many free projects and, of course, wonderful products for sale.

The entire cape is lined and turned easily.  A triple bean stitch was worked along the perimeter with my edge stitch foot to keep the lining from peeking out.  It also adds some color to the grim black and white print.


cape neckbandxx

The snaps on either side of the button help cover the stitching which holds the velcro in place. The snap on the button was hot glued in place. Hot glue. To what depths have I stooped?

Way too much time was spent looking for a galactic style button to put at the neck, over the velcro closure.  When I saw the jumbo snaps on the rack, I thought they had the appearance and generally cold, utilitarian look of space hardware.

Two sizes were purchased.  The larger snaps were –gulp–hot glued onto the red buttons around the neck.  Smaller snaps alternate with the larger between buttons.


hem cornersx

More communicator buttons and some with secret purposes are secured at the hemline.  The irregular arrangement is probably a meaningful pattern.


At the hem, a few more buttons and snaps were added.  I’ve been told that such buttons serve as weapon detonators, galactic communicators and GPS to locate the Mother Ship .  I couldn’t make them work but I’m sure a child will figure out the technology.

I wish I had searched for free cape patterns before I made 18 for Robert’s 4th birthday party.  Those capes were all gathered at the neck and joined to a band.  They were much more complicated  than this Star Wars cape.


notice all the capes

notice all the capes


If you need a quick birthday gift for a little guy, one of these capes might be just the thing.

Nana Fun

I can’t help but recall an incident from our daughter’s wedding. Held at our home, where Rebecca grew up, it was a very formal event, no barefoot-on-the-beach ceremony.

Guests gathering before the ceremony.

Guests gathering before the ceremony. The small tent on the left was for the reception band.  The tent on the right featured a tv for the Gator football game later that evening.


A string quartet on the front porch provided wedding music.


The music was heavenly....for a while.

The music was heavenly….for a while.


Her father took the long walk to give his daughter away as Rebecca smiled demurely.


Approaching one of the most serious moments of her life, our daughter looked contemplative.

Approaching one of the most serious moments of her life, our daughter looked contemplative. Her father was reminiscing about the joy she had brought us throughout her childhood.


Meanwhile, the groom was with the second photographer, having asked her to take a special photo.  Harvey and his best friends from childhood were setting the stage for their next prank.


pretending (?) to have second thoughts

Pretending (?) to have second thoughts as the groomsmen dragged him to the ceremony.


Moments later, as the groom waited in front of the preacher,  the music changed to Darth Vader’s Death March!!    Harvey had slipped some cash to the muscians at the rehearsal so they would play this as the bride approached.  A Star Wars fan like her groom, Rebecca’s demure look changed to a big grin.  A good many of our guests laughed out loud.

In spite of the Death March, the marriage has thrived.  Harvey and Rebecca have been happily married for 9 years now and are the parents of Alastair, 6, and Vivian Rose, almost 3.

I doubt that Death March has ever been played at another wedding. What a memory!

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