For Sleepovers, Road Trips, and Movin’ On

NOTE:  I don’t know why this post won’t allow me to insert spaces properly.  I’ve tried and tried but have just given up.  It is what it is.
Children need luggage for lots of reasons and pretty baggage can make any adventure a more exciting.  When our son was 5 yo, he announced that he was going to run away.  When questioned about his plans, he replied  that he would be leaving “in Nannie’s Winnebago.”  He had a few things packed in a paper sack and might have been more motivated to  venture out into the world if he had nicer gear.

For Christmas a few years ago, Judy Day gave each of her granddaughters a set of  personalized luggage, though not to encourage  “movin’ on,” like the distraught little girl in this You Tube video .


Judy embroidered this trolley luggage as well as the  garment bag below.


Judy gave these details of the projects:


The lettering on the pink gingham luggage was created in BabyLock LetterWorks.  The garment bags were a snap to embroider. 


 Both the garment bag and the luggage were stitched on my BabyLock BMP8. The garment bag was floated over the embroidery hoop and basted to the stabilizer. 
The luggage was stitched with the same stitch file as the garment bag.  Adhesive stabilizer was hooped with the lid of the luggage placed on it.  It took 2 people to hold the luggage and move with the hoop as it moved.  The luggage is not heavy, but after trying to keep it level and move as the machine moved, the decision was made to embroider Kennedy’s name on ribbon and attach it by hand to her luggage.~~~~~~~~~~~
That’s a good solution for larger, tough to handle projects.  Judy always has such great projects.
The overnight-to-Nana’s luggage we gave granddaughter Laurel a few years ago has just worn out. I have to admit that this worn out little trolley tote is a sweet reminder of just how many overnights we have enjoyed with her.
But she needs another one and I am looking at Judy’s projects for guidance.  Now, I just have to find something suitable to embroider.
Thanks, Judy!


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