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My-Oh-My!  It has been so long since I have posted but life surely can get in the way.  Sewing has been going on, but with lots of interruptions and delays.


Children's Corner Jenni Leigh, worn hard and outgrown by Vivian Rose

Children’s Corner Jenni Leigh, worn hard and outgrown fast by Vivian Rose

Similar to this, the first Children on Parade dress I made for granddaughter Vivian Rose, another is is nearly finished.  It just needs the aqua gingham covered  buttons, which should arrive tomorrow.

This is such a delightful fabric, just perfect, I thought, for Vivian Rose’s 3rd birthday party this weekend.

The dress pictured was one of my daughter’s absolute favorites for Vivi, and true to my directive, she let the child wear it everywhere–playground, preschool, play dates, whatever.  When Rebecca handed it back to me I thought this rag should just be thrown out.  But I took it to a dry cleaner who worked a miracle, getting out most of the stains.  Vivian is a very active little whirlwind and her clothes reflect her love of dirt.  After being cleaned, the dress isn’t pristine but I think it’s decent enough to be passed on to another little girl for general play.

When cutting out that dress, I moved heaven and earth trying to match the border print at the front and side seams.  I was unsuccessful.  So an alternative pattern was chosen, Children’s Corner Carol.  Hopefully, pictures will be posted soon with Vivi modeling the dress at her party.

The other project I have worked on is Petite Poche’s Penny, by Wendy Schoen.

Penny patt

I have loved that pattern for so long and finally just decided to “git ‘er done.”  It’s not done yet, but will be soon.

The pattern includes an especially pretty hand embroidery design but I had no time for that.  The design shown is from Custom Keepsakes Christening 2 Collection, which, like all Kathy Harrison’s designs, is spectacular.


Penny yoke

The pinstitch around the bodice scallops are finished.  Those scallops are small and take almost non-stop pivoting.  I was so grateful for the knee life on my Brother Dream Machine.

White Swiss pique is combined with Liberty of London and hot pink gingham piping.  All that remains is to pinstitch the skirt scallops, attach the skirt and put in 3 buttons and buttonholes.  I can’t wait to get it finished.



We’ve spent most of the month at dr. appointments.  I’ve had cataract surgery—WOW!  That was a non-event, about as stressful as waiting in a short grocery line. No pain whatsoever and now I can see!  My second eye will be done next week.  My husband has had some cardiac problems so we’ve been back and forth to Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville.  I’ve got a broken bone in my foot necessitating podiatrist appointments, orthodic fittings, etc.  So I’ve been way behind with blogging.

Hopefully,  blog posts will appear more regularly.  Please don’t give up on me!  I need to know someone reads this stuff….or not.

So what are you sewing? Valentine projects?  I’d love to hear about them.

14 responses to “Catching Up

  1. Can’t wait to see this one finished. I am also looking forward to what you did with Carol and Children at Play. I just finished a smocked Carol in pink gingham for Valentine’s Day. The hem on that dress is a challenge and I sewed mine by hand! Not fun, I also made a Valentine print Lucy that can on be described as Grandma-kitsch! My kids and their kids are arriving this afternoon to surprise PopPop for a very big birthday he had last week. I’ll have pics soon.

  2. Sorry for the typos! Maybe I need (more) eye surgery myself.

  3. Terry, you have been busy–and productive! I love CC Carol but this is the first one I have made. Nothing sweeter than gingham and pink for Valentine’s Day is just the thing. Smocking on it is so appealing. Did you smock a design from one of your plates? I would love to see a picture of that and your Lucy–another favorite pattern of mine. I bet PopPop’s birthday party was a big hit!

  4. Love this dress! So very pretty and the details that you add (pinstitching) is such a perfect finish. I know what you mean about the constant pivoting! Ha, we need voice commands for these machines. Turn. Turn now!
    Can’t wait to see it finished.

  5. Chris, this is such a great pattern. I hope to finish the dress this week and post it ASAP. I’d have it done tomorrow if I could install those voice commands! Great idea.

  6. What a darling dress (both of them!) So glad your surgery went well. I’m glad to hear that it isn’t at all stressful. Too bad about the foot, I hope it heals quickly. Keep blogging! I read you and have you on my blog.

  7. Cynthia, thank you for always being so encouraging. I’m still waiting on a picture of the second Parade dress from my daughter and trying to find a minute here and there to finish up Penny. That pattern has called to me many times. Your new house is coming along sooo nicely. It will be a beautiful and wonderful home for you.

  8. Love the Children on Parade dresses! Can’t wait to see your new one! So sorry to hear about your various health problems. My grandma had cataract surgery, and when she got home, she said, “I didn’t know the kitchen walls were purple!!!” 😉

  9. Life sure has a way of interrupting the fun things we do. Please be safe and keep the foot up.

  10. Jo, I love Children on Parade too. There are SO many adorable dresses made with this fabric. The first one was my daughter’s absolute favorite and she likes the new one just as much. We have all the grandchildren here this weekend while the parents are out of town. The new dress packed with Vivian Rose’s clothes so I hope to get a picture of her in it tomorrow. Thanks for your concern for our health problems. They are all pretty minor compared to what others deal with so we are happy to handle these. We have been blessed with good health all our lives so a few bumps in the road seem small.

  11. Where did you find Children’s coner fabric ? Would love to purchase fabric !

  12. Patty, the fabric is a Michael Miller border print called Children at Play. It is available here at This has been one of the most popular fabrics I have ever seen. When Cheryle Cole-Bennet posted the dress she made for her granddaughter, sold out there more than 1500 yds. in a matter of days. They have since reordered but it remains very, very popular. I know you will enjoy working with this. I’d love to see what you make!

    Thanks for reading my blog, Patty. I hope you will stop by again.

  13. Robbie Davis

    Can anyone direct me to where I might find this pattern in the smaller sizes (2-6)

  14. Robbie, if you are asking about Penny by Petite Poche, the smallest size is 2. Sadly, the pattern is out of print, but you might find it in a destash site, etsy or ebay. Children’s Corner Jenni Leigh sizes begin at 6 months and is available at Children’s Corner patterns, here I hope you can find what you are looking for. Good luck.

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