Free Bunny Trio ME Design

free bunnies design

construction, embroidery and other details of this dress are posted here


As we all know, bunnies are very popular motifs for Easter.     I like this design because it is extends seamlessly into spring and summer without screaming Easter.  Once again, it is being offered as a free design for you busy readers who might not have asked for it when it was first posted.  The directions have been revised and enhanced, I hope.  So if you already have the bunny trio, feel free to ask for the new and improved version.


3 bunnies BR

The bunnies are composed of two machine made yo-yo’s, applique’d ears and a pom pom tail.  If you would like this sent to you, leave your request as a comment below.  It will show me your e-mail address, but will not be made public.

I’m busy, busy, busy with Easter sewing and expect that many of you are as well.    It’s not too late to stitch this out before March 27 on a little garment.

Let me know what you are sewing for Easter.  I’m getting started very late this year.

f4518a739b7454b3f8a72d9669374273Sure,  that’s me, wearing my pearls as I sew.  Yeah.  Umhmmmmm…But it’s true there’s not much cooking or cleaning going on around here.



101 responses to “Free Bunny Trio ME Design

  1. That is so cute. Just for spring too! PES format for me. I am making fleece jackets for charity and oh, that would be so cute on them. Thank you for your sharing with us.

  2. Would love to receive the new improved instructions. Thanks.

  3. Hi,
    I would like to have the new and improved version/instructions. Thanks for your generosity! Hugs, Cece

  4. The bunnies are darling. I can see them on a t-shirt too! I would
    love the designs when you have time. Thanks

  5. Neva Christensen

    I love your little ‘insert’. Put a Queen size quilt on the frames 5 weeks ago, and have been too busy quilting to do housework. Got it off the frames yesterday – boy, my house is dirty! Oh well, spring cleaning time is here. Would love the bunny designs, if you aren’t too busy sewing….

  6. Those bunnies are just too cute! I don’t know if I have the talent to make them, but I’d sure like to give it a try! Thank you so much for the offer, Janice!!

    I, too, am just getting started sewing for Easter. I’m going to stay with a tried-and-true Heirloom Party Dress for my DGD. I just have to decide on a design–the slowest part of the process! LOL!

  7. Carol, the bunnies are hopping into your in-box. The world is a better place thanks to you and others who sew for charity.

  8. A, the new instructions and files have been sent. I hope they make stitching the bunnies a little easier. Happy Easter!

  9. Cece, the new instructions have been sent. Happy Easter to you!

  10. Mina, the bunnies have been sent. Cute idea to put them on a t-shirt!

  11. Neva, the bunnies have been sent. Congrats on getting that queen quilt off the frames. Take your time with the cleaning. You know what they say–a clean house is a sign of a broken sewing machine.

  12. MoDo, the bunnies have been sent, along with assurance that you CAN make them!

  13. I bet you are also busy with school for the kiddies. And out in that beautiful garden. Thank you for the design.

  14. Janice – would love to use this design for my little granddaughters. I have 4 GG in one family. Thank you so very much.

  15. Judith, the bunnies have been sent to you. Have fun stitching for all those precious grands.

  16. Phyllis Poole

    These are so cute. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Phyllis, the bunnies should be there in your inbox now. Happy stitching.

  18. Darling! Too bad that I don’t have a little one to dress!

  19. Rosemary Coole

    I think this bunny pattern is one of the nicest I’ve seen in a long time. Would you please be so kind as to provide me with a copy?

  20. Rosemary, the bunny trio has been sent. I hope they suit you. Happy Easter!

  21. I would love to try these cute bunnies! They would be a welcome respite from a machine embroidery publication’s “mystery sew along” project, which is turning into a disaster. Your little dress is adorable- the fabric choice is perfect! Many thanks for the inspiration.

  22. Nancy, the bunnies have been sent. Take a break from your sew along and stitch up these cuties. They’re good for Easter, spring or summer. Happy sewing.

  23. Shirley Boyken

    Would love to have you send me the updated version of these little bunnies. They are so cute!

  24. Debbie Baldwin

    Janice, I’d love the bunnies embroidery design. Yours is too cute.

  25. Debbie, the bunnies have been sent. I hope you find a good use for them. Happy Easter!

  26. Mary Dean Shelton

    the bunnies are adorable. I would like to have these for my 3 year old granddaughter

  27. Mary, the bunnies have been sent. These are so cute on little ones and I am partial to 3 yo’s. Happy stitching.

  28. Janice,
    I would love the bunny design.

  29. Helen, the bunnies have been sent. I think you will like this yo-yo making technique. Happy Easter!

  30. Thanks for the second offer. I would like the updated version.

  31. mandy atwood

    This is adorable! I wish i had seen it before Easter, but I would still love to use it for a spring dress. Thank you!

  32. Mandy, the bunny designs have been sent. They will look sweet on a spring or summer dress.

  33. Jane Skrodenis

    I just saw this and would love the darling bunny design. Thank you for your generosity.

  34. Jane, the bunny designs have been sent. I hope you enjoy stitching them and making yo-yo-s this easy way.

  35. Love your bunny designs above. I would like to have the smiley face pencil topper embroidery design. I work with children at church and in VBS. I would love to use it sometime

  36. Gayle, both sets of designs have been sent. I expect you will find lots of uses for them in Sunday School and VBS, as well as for your grandchildren.

  37. Oh my goodness, the bunnies are so cute. Would it be too much to ask for the desgn? I am going to be a first time great grandma in Sept. Also, where could I find the “I can’t cook or clean I’m too busy sewing” design? THANK YOU

  38. Corina, the bunny designs have been sent. Congratulations on your new role as great grandmother!

  39. Christina Burgess

    I think the bunny trio machine embroidery is soooo cute i think this would look great on the little rompers I would like to make a special little man for xmas. If i could pleas have this download it would be much appreciated.



  40. Tina, the bunny designs have been sent. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and your special little man will be wearing bunny rompers. Thanks for reading my blog.

  41. Please send again. I had computer problems and lost the design when you previously offered it. thanks so much

  42. would love to try your bunnies!! PES or DST for me please. They are so so precious!

  43. These bunnies are so so cute. Cannot wait to try them!!

  44. Theresa, the designs have been sent. Happy stitching!

  45. Lois, they have been resent. I was happy to resend them.

  46. Adorable! Please send them to me. I have boys’ and girls’ Easter items to make. Haven’t chosen patterns yet.

  47. Thank you for the design. They are really cute!

  48. Gail, the designs have been sent. I hope they are useful for some of your Easter items.

  49. Patricia, the designs have been sent. I hope you enjoy using them.

  50. Janice…this is adorable. I would love to receive the design, even though I will need to stitch it for someone else else’s granddaughter, as my little one is a boy. Thank you for sharing!

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