Whispering Daydreams–New Fabric!

Violette Bleues pattern by Petite Poche. Whispering Daydreams ultra-lawn fabric from Spoonflower.


I love fabric, you love fabric, we all love fabric.  But with experience we become more selective about what we choose to sew.  Of course, everyone appreciates the beauty of Swiss batiste, linen, silk, Liberty of London tana lawn, Swiss pique’ and more.  Most sewists praise Michael Miller, Tula Pink and easy care Imperial.  But now I have a new love.

Even though I’ve been on a fabric starvation diet, Nancy Lee Moran’s hand drawn fairytale toile, Whispering Daydreams,  had me from hello. I can hear it whisper…”shhh… Pippi Longstocking’s gone heirloom!”

Seeing that scrappy, pigtailed girl and her fantasy companions portrayed so delicately just delighted me.  The print is pure innocence and set me to daydreaming.  Teamed up with the tiny, fancy dot, also available from Spoonflower,  garments for 3 yo granddaughter Vivian Rose danced like visions of sugarplums in my head.

Available in lavender or blue, in three sizes, and in an array of fabric choices, the smallest blue Whispering Daydreams‘ ultra-lawn was my choice. CORRECTION:  The MINIATURE size (2″ figures) was  used.  Of course, I couldn’t wait to lay hands on it.  When I opened the package, I was not disappointed.  It truly is a fine lawn.

I’ve always been curious about fabric and its designers.  Have you read the story behind Michael Miller?  Sarah Jane? After getting acquainted with them, I have wanted to explore the origin and designers whose fabrics call to me.

Reading up on Nancy Lee Moran, this fabric, and looking at her Pinterest page, I discovered that she had collaborated with b.b. flockings.  Whispering Daydreams includes some of b.b.’s dolls and drawings from her stories.  Step into another world by visiting b.b.’s blog.  So interesting!

I hadn’t decided on a pattern before ordering yardage.  Finally, I chose the Petite Poche (Wendy Schoen) Violettes Bleues pattern, which pushed me off my no-more-patterns wagon.  (I have been  riding –and falling off–several wagons lately.)

whispering bodice plumbago xx

Bodice with puffing is just one front piece, with gathers held in place by bias.


What a sweet and easy pattern this is.  For the dress, there are only 3 pattern pieces–front, back and sleeves.  There are no buttons or buttonholes.  I love the Madeira hem, but for a more casual look, that is not necessary.

My only complaint is that it does not go beyond size 3.   Vivian wears a 3 now so I won’t be able to use this when she sizes up.


violettes_blue sizes


It’s hard to see in the photo, but the background of the dot fabric includes very, very subtle gray squiggles.  They add a nice bit of texture to the pattern.  After cutting the Madeira hem, there was not enough left for the Violettes Bleues bloomers.  Children’s Corner Jackson has a nice little pair of bloomers which I like and have used before.

CC Jackson


It requires much less fabric, so I went with that.


CC Jackson pattern was used for the bloomers. Bias binding finished the legs.

CC Jackson pattern was used for the bloomers. Bias binding finished the legs.


It took a long time to select the fabric for the bias binding and trim above the Madeira hem.  At least 12 blues in my stash were rejected, so I made a trip to the fabric store to buy this blue.  I experienced significant guilt for being so fussy and again falling off the no-more-fabric wagon, but Whispering Daydreams deserved the right trim.  Oh well.

The original plan was to pinstitch the Madeira hem using the same dark blue thread as the binding.  You know how I love pinstitch! But even that strong blue did not offer enough contrast between the two light-background prints.  Spaghetti bias, made with my Fast Turn tubes and helpful Tiger Eye  was used to outline the scallops.


Madeira hem accented with spaghetti bias

Madeira hem accented with spaghetti bias


Having used spaghetti bias to echo the scallops on Vivi’s Christmas dress  (scroll down the post to see  scallops), I decided to use that technique on this dress.   I learned all about spaghetti bias and applying it with temporary glue in a great class with Kari Mecca.


Easy bias ties close the back.

Easy bias ties close the back.

I think Vivi will like this dress.  She is a big fan of easy on-easy off.  Her mother will appreciate the quick ties at the back rather than buttons.  All  the blues in the print will compliment her big blue eyes.


V face on CR


So my recommendation is to check out Whispering Daydreams and Violette Bleues pattern.


31 responses to “Whispering Daydreams–New Fabric!

  1. from Martha Pullen Forum: I see why you fell in love with that print! It is adorable. The dress is perfect for that print and I love the contrast of the polka dots. Wonderful dress as always Janice….perfect for this summer.

  2. Thanks for your kind words. The lawn is so light that it will make a cool dress for our hot Florida summers.

  3. from Martha Pullen forum:
    Wonderful! I can certainly see why you fell off the wagon. I’ve fallen so many times now any further claims of “no more…” Are just ludicrous! That fabric is scrumptious! And the dress is adorable!

  4. I’m going to follow your lead and stop getting on those wagons!

  5. from Martha Pullen forum: Perfect! I love the fabric, the pattern, and the execution is sublime! As usual, Janice, you inspire us with your wonderful creations.

  6. Thank you for those encouraging words. I worried a bit that the blue was too strong, but it seems to work.

  7. from Martha Pullen forum: That is such a sweet dress and the fabric looks dreamy. I can just see a big ol Oreo cookie in a little hand. Ha! Ha! That always goes through my mind when I see these gorgeous little outfits. I especially love the bloomers! Oh, they are so cute under little dresses. The dress looks so soft and “girly”. Just precious!

  8. Haha! Your vision is right on target for this “messy missy,” as her mother calls her. See her in her birthday dress eating Aunt Peggy’s chocolate pudding here.

  9. from Martha Pullen forum: That is just darling! I’m sure Vivian will look like a doll in it!!

  10. from Martha Pullen forum: Love it all, Janice. The fabric, pattern sewing and of course, your blog giving all the info. Beautiful.

  11. I’m happy to hear that you like all the info included in the post. When I see projects I like, I want to know alllll about it. I hope it doesn’t bore some readers.

  12. from Martha Pullen forum: Vivian would look good in anything!…she’s a little doll.

  13. Janice . . .
    It is said that a frame is a gift to the artist, since it enhances the beauty of a painting.
    In the same way, this dress is a “gift” to the artist of the fabric, since the skill and imagination of Janice Ferguson has brought out the inherent beauty of the fabric at its very best.
    So, dear Janice, I am so grateful to you! You created a playful, charming dress for summer days! Pippi Longstocking (in the fabric) would approve!
    Visitors to this blog page might also like to see the new web site of dolls by bbflockling.
    Nancy Lee’s website
    Whispering Daydreams Collection on Spoonflower.

  14. Nancy, it was such a delight to work with your gorgeous fabric. I lost a lot of sewing time examining each of the imaginative characters and wanting to know their stories. This print and fabric is beyond wonderful. Thanks for creating such an intriguing, beautiful print.

  15. from Martha Pullen forum: I had to wipe the corners of my mouth after looking at that luscious fabric. It would also cause anyone to fall off that No More Fabric wagon. Your dress is precious, the perfect pattern for the delightful fabric combinations you chose.

  16. from SewForum: Its beautiful!!

  17. from SewForum: Awesome job!!!!! oh, are we supposed to stop buying fabric from time to time? well this seemed like the perfect material to start your buying again.Nice pattern

  18. Janice, I love having all the details of the project; thanks so much. And since I get a lot of my fabric online, I really appreciate having feedback from other sewers about what the fabric is really like. I also agree that it would be great if this pattern went past a size 3!

  19. That fabric is lovely. I, too, am enamored of Spoonflower and recently bought my first piece of fabric from them. I’ve also followed Nancy Moran for a while. I didn’t know she was on Spoonflower.

  20. Mary Lynne, I’m glad you like the inclusion of all the details. Buying fabric online has become so convenient but unless it’s a designer you know, such as Michael Miller, etc., first hand evaluations are very useful. I wish Wendy Schoen hadn’t closed shop. Violette Bleues is really a suitable pattern for girls beyond size 3.

  21. Terry, I spend way too much time deep in my sewing cave and not enough out and about scanning the commercial horizon for new things. Nancy Lee Moran’s designs are just so magical. I’m sorry it took me so long to find her. What did you order from Spoonflower and what are you making? Their ultra-lawn is just lovely.

  22. Terry Jane Collins

    Janice, I just ordered an aqua and white buffalo check for a pillow for the the littlest grandchild’s room.I’m supposed to appliqué a mermaid on it. My daughter requested it because that’s the latest decor in CQ’s room.

    Did you order the miniature Whispering Daydreams? The ruler isn’t coming up on the large size one. I know I can’t buy every fabric I see, but I’m trying.

  23. Message for Terry Jane . . . Yes, the dress by Janice uses “miniature Whispering Daydreams” with figures in size two-inch. The regular (large) size one has four-inch figures, while Itty Bitty has one-inch figures.

  24. Terry, once again I have written a rather lengthy reply and then forgotten to hit the Reply button. Your comments always make me grin. I’m glad to see that you are giving “buy every fabric I see” the old college try. Nancy kindly answered your question about the size of Whispering Daydreams print. I mistakenly ordered the miniature 2″ size thinking it was the smallest, but that size worked out so much better for this dress. Your aqua buffalo check pillow with the applique’d mermaid sounds like a pretty project.

  25. Terry Jane Collins

    Janice, I am tempted to order some of Whispering Daydreams. Thank you to you and Nancy for answering my question. I just got a set of mermaid print fabric and coordinates to try to finish before the May 16th birthday. We are all about mermaids right now. Then, I may just be sending Spoonflower another order. I don’t know. I have a Masters degree, so I think my old college try may just be a bit more powerful than some. Just ask my husband!!!

  26. For Terry . . . a page on the Spoonflower website shows “one design” as printed on all of the fabric bases that are offered by Spoonflower. Some fabrics, like the silk and cotton lawn, have a soft hand and light weight. Others have brighter printing with sharper lines.

    At the top of the same page, a person can order a sample of unprinted swatches of all the base-fabrics for just $1.00. Shipping for it is free, too.

    Test samples of prints are also available for a low price.

  27. Terry, “I have a Masters degree, so I think my old college try may just be a bit more powerful than some.” You go, Girl! Get that Whispering Daydreams! Buying all the fabric you want surely must be a benefit of all that education. You deserve it! That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it! Along with “I don’t drink or smoke,” “I’ve never been arrested,” and “My cooking hasn’t killed anyone…yet,” higher education is just one more justification for my massive fabric stash. And I’m not done stashing yet.

  28. from Martha Pullen forum:
    Janice, This dress is absolutely darling! Love the pattern…it’s sew unique too, which is fun. And
    that fabric is adorable! I also learned something today about spoonflower….had no idea one could choose their fabric! And the fairy creations website was delightful!

    I’ve stopped trying to not buy more fabric, what’s the use? LOL!!! Lawn has long been a favorite of mine, and lawn print especially. Thanks so much for sharing your new creation and also about the artist and Spoonflower. This is a delightful thread : )

  29. from Martha Pullen forum: Now I have falled in love with the fabric, the pattern and the dress. I have a 7 week old new great granddaughter and I am using her to revive my long dormant interest in stitching children’s clothing. This fabric is just the ticket for perhaps a one year birthday dress. Thank you so much for posting all about it.

  30. from SewForum: Very very pretty. I’m sorry to know the pattern only goes to size 3.

  31. from SewForum: This is so pretty!

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