Kid Sew Monogrammed Scarf

R quattro 2xx


Our 11 yo grandson, Robert, gets such a kick out of machine embroidery.  He is very, very savvy about technology so my Brother embroidery machines fascinate him.


R quattro 3a xx


Recently, he monogrammed a polar fleece scarf for his mother, thoroughly enjoying the process of selecting, setting up and transferring the design to the machine.  Curious about the need for water soluble stabilizer on top, about why  we don’t hoop polar fleece, about how the machine knows which hoop is in place, etc. etc. etc.

He even made some design decisions, choosing to alternate the fill and outline colors between each letter.

R finished scarfxx


But he really wants to know just how the machine does what it does.  I just tell him to be grateful for its capabilities and DO NOT TRY TO TAKE IT APART!!!  If he tries, I threaten that I will cut his hair while he sleeps.  I almost wish he would make an attempt so I could shear those blond locks.

4 responses to “Kid Sew Monogrammed Scarf

  1. My grandsons were interested when they were younger. They will be a freshman and a junior in high school this year. Robert is a good looking young man. Love the hair!

  2. Betty Ludwig

    So glad to see Robert enjoying machine embroidery. He is growing up fast! When our youngest son was 8 years old I bought my first computerized sewing machine—no machine embroidery but lots of different stitches which fascinated him. He promptly sat down at my machine with a piece of red felt and white thread and stitched almost all the different stitches on that felt. That was 18 years ago and that red felt hangs in my sewing room today. The sewing machine sits in a closet since I have my wonderful Brother Dream Machine (and others to work with). I love seeing your post Janice and so glad your grandchildren enjoy sewing/machine embroidery.

  3. Sue, your grandsons are so grown up! Time just flies as we watch them mature. And time has flown since I last saw you. Still missing you, after all these years. You’d think we lived thousands of miles apart instead of a few hundred. I’d love to see you. Thanks for your compliment about Robert. He has beautiful hair but I really dislike it when I cannot see his handsome face through that yellow mop.

  4. Oh, Betty, what a sweet story about the red felt stitch sampler your son made so long ago on your first computerized machine. Souvenirs of their childhood are so precious and become more so as time passes. He would have been as astounded by your Brother Dream Machine as Robert and Laurel are with mine. Don’t you wonder what machines will astound their children? I’m so glad my grands enjoy the sewing and embroidery that I love.

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