Bubbles for Brother and Sister

Mickey Roadster bubble

Minnie Roadster bubble


What fun I had stitching these bubbles with the new Brother iBroidery.com Mickey Roadster designs!  The digitizing is just excellent, with so much detail and such appealing, bright colors.  Children will love these.

The bubbles are featured at Brother’s blog, Stitching Sewcial, with detailed instructions, especially for the applique’ function on their Dream and Quattro machines.

Embroidery is straight stitched in place while in the hoop before it is completed with a satin stitch surround.


Minnie’s design is applique’s in place with with a straight stitch.  The fabric was cut closely to the stitching.  Then the satin stitch was worked flawlessly around the design, as shown on Mickey’s bubble.

Mickey’s roadster is very masculine.  Note the perfect tracking of the satin stitch around the unique shape of the design.  This was all done in the hoop.




The pattern is another delight, including two versions each for boy and girl.  I’d love to make every one of these.



Babies are so cute in bubbles.

Now that these are finished, I’m back to embroidering more camp logo shorts for 8 yo Alastair’s return to summer camp.  I just grin when I work on these, remembering the happy times I had at Camp Watitoh more than 50 years ago.  Bob and I met my ssecond summer there when we were counselors.  He taught sailing and I taught water skiing.  It just tickles me that Alastair is enjoying the specialof the Berkshire Mountains and having a wonderful camp experience.

So what are you sewing now?  Summer projects?  Or are you already on back-to-school garments?  I’d love to hear about it.


4 responses to “Bubbles for Brother and Sister

  1. Neva Christensen

    These Bubbles are adorable. I don’t have any babies to sew for, but am going to pick up this pattern for future use. Thank you for sharing it!

  2. Neva, you won’t regret having this pattern in your library. I loved each view and had a hard time picking two for this project. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Oh wow Janice I love this. I am going to buy this today. I have 2 granddaughters that are absolutely over the moon for Mickey and Minnie. I came here looking for a Daygown and found so much more to get excited. Thank you for the wonderful instructions , I always love reading about anything you have sewn. Your granddaughter sounds a lot like mine.

  4. Kay, I’m so glad you like this sweet pattern. And I really appreciate your encouraging comment about my instructions. Let me know how your bubbles turn out and please share a picture. Happy sewing!

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