Christmas Quilt–Disney Stippled


Surely you know that Christmas is just around the corner. In anticipation of the holiday and all the joy that goes with it, this quilt was made.  Quilting, machine embroidery, and stippling combined to make a quilt with which I was almost entirely pleased.  I regretted running out of time before I quilted the green gingham squares along the edges and they waffled.

As a “Brother paid expert consultant”, my assignment was to use the new Disney Mickey and Friends Christmas designs in a Dream Machine project.  As you can see, I chose to make a quilt.

Detailed and photo illustrated instructions are posted here at Stitching Sewcial.



Six of the new Disney designs were chosen, each of which would fit in the 4×4 frame.  For the other blocks mini designs were chosen so as not to compete with the new Mickey and Friends Christmas embroideries.


This is the center block, stippled and in place.


Stippling is a quilting technique I have always  enjoyed.  For years I have done it free-motion which I always enjoyed.  It’s a technique that is so useful.  You should try it if you have not.  But it was the my only option until a stippling stitch came up on the sewing side of my earlier Brother combo machines.  Now the Dream Machine has a wonderful capability which allows you to stipple in the hoop around an embroidered design.  You even have options for the distance between the rows of stitches.  It is so perfect and so easy!

I love scrap quilting and much of the sashing fabric was made from scraps in my stash.   The main color palette was to be red/green/black/yellow.  As usual, I spent way too much time selecting fabrics and deciding just which should be neighbors.



The narrow binding was also scrappy and secured in place with a decorative stitch.  The backing is a tiny red gingham.



If I had more time, I would do more quilting and get better at it.   And I would  do more smocking…and heirloom sewing…and machine embroidery.  What would you do with more free time?





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