Thanksgiving Table Runner


Yes, I know Thanksgiving is over but life has been hectic around here.  I’m waaaaay behind!  But this could easily be made as a Christmas runner.  Keep that in mind.

This table runner was made for Brother’s blog, Stitching Sewcial.  It included two of my favorite sewing techniques, hemstitching and machine embroidery. A detailed photo tutorial is posted here

The hem of the pale sage linen was mitred and then hemstitched.  I just love hemstitching.  It gives such an elegant finish to just about anything.  My Brother Dream Machine (and all of my earlier Brother machines) executes this technique flawlessly.  This linen was fairly heavy so I used a large wing needle.

The embroidery design from is so nice for the end of a runner.  Only the colors gave it an autumn look and it stitches out perfectly. With other color and different seasonal text it could used again and again.



The opposite end read Thankful.


The companion embroidery was mirrored along the outer edges of the center, leaving room for a center piece.

FYI, all designs are now on sale 25% off.

I hope to make a Christmas runner using these designs, using Christmas colors with Joy on one end and Peace on the other.  An ambitious plan, I know, with all that is scheduled for this busy month.  But I’m a cockeyed optimist so perhaps it will get done.

You may have noticed that I varied the colors in the identical designs.  For my taste, it adds more interest.  I once attended a scrap quilting workshop where the instructor made a comment that has stuck with me.  She said that if every block in a quilt was identical, there was no reason to look at more than one.  I’ve applied that to embroidery and enjoy mixing up the colors.

We had another fabulous Thanksgiving with our daughter and her family at the lovely home of her in-laws.  Carol and Alan are wonderful hosts, offering a beautiful table, a spectacular spread and and a welcoming attitude so relaxed you would have thought they ordered the huge meal from Publix.  But they cooked it all–well we all brought a dish ore two but they provided the lion’s share–turkey, dressing, ham, pork loin, mashed potatoes and gravy, and more.  And the company was as good as the food.

I hope you all had a beautiful, meaningful Thanksgiving Day. It’s one of my favorite holidays,.

In the next post I’ll share granddaughter Vivian Rose’s new “kitty cat” dress which as delivered Thanksgiving Day. It was made from MaggieB’s  great Ode to Joy pattern.  When I walked in with the dress on a hanger, Vivi immediately peeled off her very cute little turkey dress and insisted on wearing the new frock.  Her reaction was like whipped cream on the pumpkin pie!  More on that soon.

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