Valentine Towel for Coach


This is Joy, my bubbly, enthusiastic, encouraging exercise coach at the Herbalife Nutrition Club in downtown DeLand.   When asked about her plans for upcoming Valentine’s Day, which fell on a day of our regular exercise class, Joy said that her guy, (a nurse) was working a double shift that day.  So the only celebration would be with her children.

This little tea towel certainly is no substitute for wine, roses, chocolate, and the man in her life, but it was a small reminder that others love and appreciate her.


heart balloons from Zundt designs, towel from All About Blanks

Joy runs the fit camp called “Fit over Fifty,” which I attend regularly.  She is a miracle worker, having succeeded in making me want to come exercise.   I’ve NEVER liked exercise or anything that makes me perspire.  I don’t even like to work hard enough to break a sweat rotary cutting fabric!  The class is low impact and fun.   Though clearly the oldest attendee, I think some of those girls should be carded.  I wonder if they truly are eligible for Fit over Fifty! But this old gal goes anyway.

As a matter of fact, when I was a relatively fit high schooler, I was required to participate in the annual, mandatory 600 yd. walk/run.  I don’t recall just why it was required, but it had something to do with assessment of youth fitness in the schools.  It did not affect our grade, but was a required activity. We were to run as long as possible then walk until we could resume running. I took shameless  pride in placing last every year.  There was no medal for last place, but I didn’t care.  I walked the entire 600 yds., avoiding a sweat. PE was not the last class of the day!

So for Joy to have motivated me to exercise regularly and enjoy it (well, I enjoy the camaraderie) is quite an achievement.  I am so appreciative of her encouragement and support and I feel soooo much better!  This little towel was a small kindness for all she does.

These words by favorite contemporary philosopher, Mary Engelbreit,  seem to be written just for Joy.



P.S.  I had to smile when Joy, with a big grin on her face, asked if I made this with my serger.  Bless her heart.



9 responses to “Valentine Towel for Coach

  1. Such a nice and thoughtful gift, I love that design.

  2. It was in one of the designs I bought. It is in the first Zundt Pissaro set. I’ve used it on towel sets for bridal shower party favors and other occasions. The designs are just flawless and gorgeous–just like precious Joy!

  3. Once again, I feel like you are my twin from another mother. I too dislike any form of exercise or, as you say, breaking a sweat. Gym class in high school was my idea of torture! I went to a private girls’ school where it wasn’t a priority, thank goodness. Half the time the gym teacher didn’t show up. I did take an aerobics class run by the sweetest lady right after Meghan was born that I actually enjoyed but she got pregnant and had to quit teaching. That was the end of my exercise career.

    The towel is so pretty. I’ve forgotten about Zundt designs. They were a favorite when I first started machine embroidery. As I recall, they are very well digitized.

  4. Terry, I used to think that surely there were unrelated, identical faces in this world because God just ran out of or got tired of making variations. Now I think maybe the same is true (in my humble opinion) about personalities. We are so much alike that it is just uncannyy. If we ever meet in person, I’ll probably know all about your likes, dislikes, interests and opinions. Ooooh…that might be scary, but fun!

  5. from Martha Pullen Forum: Lovely! What a wonderful gesture, Janice!

  6. Thanks, but it was a very small gesture, expressing a very great appreciation.

  7. From M Pullen forum: So pretty!

  8. from Mp Pullen forum:
    Lovely design…and as usual, excellent result. What a nice person you are!

  9. Thank you, Ladies. You are as encouraging as my dear coach Joy! I should make each of you a tea towel to show my appreciation. But I probably won’t–other duties call.

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