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First, let me wish you a happy Valentine’s Day!  My latest post at Brother’s blog Stitching Sewcial is all about embroidered cards, specifically Valentines. I wish you all joy and happiness on this special day of love.



The tutorial gives all the ins and outs of embroidering cards, from choice of cardstock size and attaching embroidery.  Check it out and please leave a comment at Stitching Sewcial if you find it helpful or inspiring.  Here are a few of the other samples.  Details of each are included at Stitching Sewcial:



The front embroidery is covered and inside text is Minnie’s quote.  It reads:


This one is for our 6 yo granddaughter.  The inside text reads, “Vivian Rose, you are our favorite princess.”

More are posted.  I had a hard time stopping, since these are so much fun to make.

But much more has been going on since I last posted here at Janice Ferguson Sews.  Of course, Christmas was pure joy, with both of our children joining us with all four of our precious grandchildren.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

Many gifts were stitched. Mug rugs caught my attention and I made several for my daughter-in-law, but didn’t manage to get a photo.  These are so much fun and make great gifts.  She is our nature girl and really liked the apron I embroidered for her with this fabulous bear from Urban Threads.

I replaced the topstitching with brown thread.

Many loved ones received my standard gift of dishtowels and homemade jams.

Our precious church granddaughter Beatrice was a vision of baby beauty in her Old Fashioned Baby  Christmas dress.  Her headband had a feltie with a tiny deer to match her dress.


Now, after months and months of worry and frustration, her adoption is complete and joy abounds.

I really got into felties and made one to go with granddaughter Vivian Rose’s dress.

The stacked cats Christmas tree design is from Apex Embroidery designs. Their designs are great! The gifts below were added from various other sites.  Cute white leggings with big red and green polka dots went with the dress, but I missed a picture of that.


It was almost a repeat of last year’s smash hit Christmas frock but it was an enormous upgrade with the new lining.  She wanted to wear it with the lining on the outside, but that was not allowed.



The whole feltie obsession came as a result of the felties offerred at this etsy site,  Mommy’s Apron Strings.  I downloaded the snowman and gingerbread boys (offered free for a short time) and attached them to 25 hairbows for all the little girls at church.  Of course, I had to have something for the boys, so I made pencil toppers for them, using the same designs on the blank pencil topper included in the set I offered here.  But did I take pictures?  No!  I was stitching late into the night and handed them out  the next morning.

The other winner Christmas gift was a set of two fleece quillows for my son’s twin Comanche plane, embroidered with just the tail numbers.  He had asked for them and was so pleased!

Again, this is probably more than you wanted or needed to know, but I am so far behind that I wanted to let you know I have not given up sewing or blogging.  I hope you will check back to see more, posted more frequently.  But then again,



10 responses to “Back at Last!

  1. from Martha Pullen forum: Toooooooo cute! Thanks, Janice – great inspiration here. I left a message at Brother.

  2. from MP forum: The tutorial is fantastic! So clear and easy to understand. Love the cards.

  3. From MP forum: Love the cards and can imagine fun designs to make cards for all occasions.

  4. Thanks for your kind comment and for leaving one at Stitching Sewcial. I really appreciate it.

  5. I’m glad you find the tutorial clear and easy to understand. Personally, I need a LOT of instruction for a new project, so I tend to give very detailed directions. I’m glad you found them helpful and not tedious. Thanks for your comment.

  6. Like you, I have so many designs I would love to stitch out but don’t have time for a major project for all of them. These cards are so quick and easy and satisfy my need to stitch them out. AND! I can send a special card to a friend! Win-win! Thanks for your comment.

  7. Janice, you are amazing! So many things made and gifted. Wow! I love little B’s dress! The reindeer is the perfect touch.

  8. Thanks, Karen! She is such a little doll and looked precious in the dress. Right now I am making heart headband sliders from Tattered Stitches for Vivian Rose and the little girls at church. I’m running late but this was as soon as I could get to it. I’ll post about it probably tomorrow. Sooo much fun. Thanks for writing. I doubted anyone would still be reading!

  9. I’m so happy to learn about baby Bea’s adoption going through. I know there was some doubt a while back, and I’ve been praying for her and her parents. What great news!!!!!

  10. Sandee, Bea’s adoption was fraught with complications until it was finalized the first week of Feb. GREAT celebration when it was finally done. Thanks so much for your prayers. I forwarded your message to her parents who are so appreciative for each and every prayer and supporter. And so am I! Thanks again.

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