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Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

napkin panned AliceCR

It’s busy, busy, busy in the sewing room. My current project is an Alice in Wonderland linen tea set and I’m loving every minute of it. The new Alice designs at Brother’s iBroidery.com got me so excited that I had to make this. Soon there will be a tutorial for the project which includes a 30″ tablecloth, and 4 napkins.

Baby tatting edges the Madeira applique’ on each corner of the tablecloth which features a Brother My Custom Stitch zig zag feather stitch.  The same corner embellishes each napkin. All four sides are pinstitched.

Along with Alice, the tea party guests include the White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, three different Alices, TweedleDum and his twin TweedleDee.

napkin panned White Rabbit

I love having tea parties with my grandchildren. It’s a great situation for talking about manners and etiquette, proper table linens and more. There’s nothing like cookies to motivate a child to hang around the tea table and chat.

Laurel started partying when she was very small. As she grew older and we had a little tea time break during the 3 years I homeschooled her and her brother.  I even managed to work the Boston Tea Party into the conversation. It was just too good an opportunity to miss giving a little history lesson.


We often tea partied on the back porch. Apple juice and cookies were always served. For more photos and info about this set click here.

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