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Tween Church Ready

mall-purchased dress, Nana made purse

mall-purchased dress, Nana made purse


There have been so many must-do projects in my sewing room that I’m way behind in clothing my granddaughters.  Ten-year-old Laurel has outgrown almost all of her church clothes so we shopped at the mall.

Clearly she is a “tween” now and  not our little girl.  The mall is definitely where it’s at for clothes now.  The good news is that it frees me up to sew for 19-month-old Vivian Rose.  I have had to search  hard to find the silver lining in that black cloud called “growing up.”  Whew, I tell myself!  I needed some help.

But as always, even with ready-to-wear,  some sewing was still required to pull the outfit together.  Before Laurel went to bed Saturday night, we added the white flower but she really wanted a purse for the outfit.


purse LF

The lacy heart design is from the Let There Be Love collection by Kreations by Kara. The monogram font is from the 2007 Internet Embroidery Club alphabet by Martha Pullen.


She wanted one that would hold her inhaler, a handkerchief and hair brush.  A 6″ x  42″ scrap of heavy linen was lying on the cutting table  along with huge piles of other remnants from earlier projects.  I was lucky that was on top because it was just perfect for the body of the bag.  Had it been buried a little deeper, I might not have found it until the big Spring Sewing Room Clean Up. Continue reading

Treasure (Bug) Bag

“A treasure to a little boy does not consist of money, gems or jewelry.  He will find far greater pleasure in the wonder of a rock, pebble, stick or beetle.”  Author Unknown

Robert, 5, with his first bug bag

Robert, 5, with his first bug bag

I’ve always referred to this as a bug bag, but after reading this statement, I am renaming it a treasure bag. Boys and bugs go together like peanut butter and jelly, and many a peanut butter jar has been called into service as a bug container. But this version is better.

Made of regular fiberglass screen from the hardware store, the basic teepee bag style makes a very unique and wonderful gift for any boy and most girls. My two older grandchildren, Robert and Laurel, each have at least two of these bags because, according to them, they needed them! When pressed for an explanation of why a child might need more than one bug bag, I was informed that bug hunting with a friend is much more fun and each would need a separate bag. And what if they caught so many bugs that the bag were filled to capacity? There were more reasons, some more logical than others, but of course, I made two for each child.



Of course, this bag could be a simple container made from screen but it is so much fun to embellish it with machine embroidery. The bag Robert holds is embroidered with several bugs, including a column of marching ants and a ladybug. Continue reading