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Antique Tabletopper Reproduction


reproduction tabletopper


White Wednesday seemed like a good excuse to re-run this post.  You might enjoy viewing this lovely antique textile even more if you enlarge the photos by double clicking.  ~~~~~~

Antique textiles have long been a weakness of mine. The extensive handwork and intricate details routinely stitched in an earlier era are almost impossible to find in contemporary  household linens. Some of the design elements, however, can be duplicated for a very nice effect, if not the elaborate, luxurious look of the antiques.

The ho-hum tabletopper shown above is patterned after a special linen treasure, shown below. Made of linen like the original, the reproduction was stitched as a project sample for a 6 hour class, so the elaborate embroidery was necessarily minimized to what could be completed in that short period of time.


antique table topper

antique table topper

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